Suspicious tweets on TC's Twitter (announcement ?)

Could this be a hint for an announcement in June?

Probably not. They tend to post randon tweets or on Facebook every so often. There’s not necessarily a theme or obvious reason - it seems like it’s a reminder that GOW is still a thing.

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Images you can hear!? :thinking:

I’ll save you lot a click, this pops up:

A pleasant surprise indeed.

I can truthfully verify. The tweet link also doesn’t correctly display the icon used to show embedded(or whatever is the correct word for folders within folders) folders.

Now don’t mind me while I’m off leaving this totally harmless and unsuspicious package at TC HQ.

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Full of love heart confetti and chocolate bars for all! As well as vouchers to various American BBQ restaurants to mark the occasion.

You’re so ridiculously thoughtful.

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All I hear is the following character assassination of what little character jd had :rofl:

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JD will have got more character development and will try to resurrect both Lizzie and Del.
Mission Failed Successfully.
Both will be Zombies.

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More like the complete opposite. A stink bomb hidden away in the ventilation shafts where no one will find it either until the next maintenance rotation, or until it gets all sour and becomes a real stinker, pun absolutely intended.

I want them to know they’re gonna have to live with what they did.

”Whats that smell? Smells almost as bad a Lizzie Carmine’s COG career.”

It’s better than Myrrah’s reputation in the COG.

You and Kaz with these debates


ah yes…dbz:k

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Kaz is Vegeta as he commonly says: OCH AYE’M THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS


Kaz: Grrrr I wish I were a karrot

Well that much is obvious.

Ah, thanks. I definitely wanted to be Vegeta :joy:. He can be AmicableKakarot.


She smells like a Crisped Bacon!

How could you possibly take a meme post about Lizzie dying as a hint at an announcement?

Sidenote: They could’ve used so many other images to better effect for the joke.

Like Dom in the truck. Or Marcus stabbing Myrrah.