Suspension question

So, I was just playing a ranked match, and my kid was watching something on YouTube on my phone and projected it to the tv, I was kicked from the game. I rejoined the game still in the same round. Second round begins 2 of my team mates drop out, then a 3rd. I was left with one other guy. I tried to just hide and let the clock run but the other team wasn’t capping the hill and kept stalking me and hitting me with drop shots and such. The option to return to the main menu popped up so I dropped out. Now I’m suspended for 9 minutes. I guess my question is WTF? I thought we could use the “return to main menu” option without penalty? Is it truly better to just stay in game with one other teammate and get beat up waiting for the other team to cap on king of the hill? I only have ever quit a game using that option if 2 or more of my team mates have dropped out. I try to keep hope alive if we are still a 4 person squad because it can be done. 2 vs 5, no.

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I think it’s because you were kicked then rejoined and then left the match

Even I’ve received a penalty for re-joining after disconnecting, and winning the match.
It sometimes doesn’t make sense.

Makes sense. Just sucks because I can’t control that I was kicked from the game, and I would have stayed if the others didn’t quit. I mean, I was already back in game before the others began to quit. Unless they also have a-hole kids that got them kicked, lol!

That does suck but it’s in place to punish rampant quitters.

I would log in alot of complete matches to try and pad your record with finished matches. That way if you get kicked or a random disconnect the completed matches will lessen the blow

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It’s frustrating.

9 minute ban is nothing compared to 3 months. I’ll take it. I guess my actual question is even though we can leave when the “return to main menu” option is available, is it still considered a QUIT with a ban? Is it better to just stay in game and ride it out. I understand my ban had two factors of being kicked then returning to the main menu, but to use that one option alone would there still be a ban?


I’d ride out the matches until TC can confirm if it counts as a quit or not.

It’s better to not chance it

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My thought is that your original kick/’'quit’is what prompted the 5 minute counter for the return to menu option. So using it would be just like fulfilling that ‘quit’.

I could be wrong though.