Suspension on gears

Idk why if you get lagged out or have a bad connection you should get banned that’s dumb asf in my eyes i got suspended for 24 hours bc i lagged out a game there is no way I can shouldn’t be able to play a game that i paid for and put money into bc of a lag and a whole day not to play coalition Microsoft im telling yall please get it together i would expect this suspension the first time but if it happens again im switching to ps4 bc gears is rhe only game i play make it an hour banned or something not a whole 24 hours fix yall tucking system everything needs to be fix gsmes ranks lags and bans fix it and take your time stop tryna rush ■■■■ like how you rushed this ■■■■■■■ game

you must have quit more than you letting on here.

the ban should only be 15/30min for the first offence.

24 hours? sound like you’ve been quitting a lot.


If your lagging out because you dont have a good connection then you should be punished. If it is your connection stick to quick play


I understand your frustration but what about your teammates? They get burned because someone left and didn’t come back.

24 hr ban? clearly not the first time, nor the second or third. If you know your ISP gives you trouble then look for ways to mitigate your problem.


Im in master rank rank how do you think i feel getting lagged out or ppl leaving on me its vice versa in every way im just pissed i cant play bc i dont quit at all i like to challenge if its 3v5 or some ■■■■ the clutches be real sometimes lol but 24 hours how would you really feelif it happened to you ? Like be honest bc im mad but not really bc if it happens again they just lost a person that’s all :man_shrugging:t5:

Is it your internet? Do you play on Xbox or PC? Do you play off wifi or wired?

If you get a 24 hour ban its not because its a once in awhile thing. It builds up the more you quit.


Broken record.

Tc not fussed…in general about players/gameplay ect…store is open and working just fine though :smile:

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Well first time offence is 30 minutes so you either lagged out or quit before this current ban. If you have ■■■■■■ internet and know you’re probably going to lag out avoid ranked for everyone’s sake.


24 hours for prohibiting you from playing this crap?
Hey, you should be grateful!


Time to buy more internets

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Well you’ll be pleased to know that anyone who gets disconnected or quits from your games also get a ban, so you’re not alone in this! I’ve had this happen to me before on rare occasions - I’ve only quit GOW4 twice and disconnected a handful of times. Not ideal but that’s what happens.

I agree, why bother playing Ranked if you’re not willing to commit. Even if you’re losing to begin with, deal with it and fight to the last minute to at least gain experience or do kill challenges. And you never know, your team could make a comeback.

Also if you have to leave due to IRL situations at least put in a global message saying you have to go so people don’t get the wrong idea … SIMPLE

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so does this confirm bans are back?

I wasn’t aware they turned it back on.

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