Suspended? Ummmmmm


I froze from the NVidia bug and I try to get back into the match and I’m greeted with this message.

Welcome to Gears multiplayer!

Assuming you don’t have a history of getting disconnected or quitting, then it should just be a 30 minute suspension. It’s silly really. I had it twice today where the lobby disolved and I was suspended.

Yeah the only time I quit is when the game froze my entire system and I had to force restart my PC because if it. So dumb.

The irony is that there’s a fairly well-known way to quit out and dodge the suspension on the XB. Something about “dashboarding”… so this does little to deter quitters and punishes honest players who for whatever reason get disconnected, dashboarded or whatever.

Oh well guess ill wait my 30 minutes or whatever to get back in. I heard they are working with NVidia on a fix hopefully it comes soon because its super annoying

Yeah it sucks man. It happens to all of us