Suspended, may not buy another game from Gears of War

I got suspended because I have a life and not just focused on a damn video game. If I want to play for a while before I have to leave for an appointment or get a call for an emergency I may not be able to finish a full game. Give a penalty and move on. This just pissed me off to where I will no longer spend my money on something I can’t play. Gears of War I didn’t buy part 4 because it sucked. You came back with part 5… but I can’t play it now. I’m now a call of duty fan. F this game, you just STOLE my money that I used to pay for this game. If anyone has the idea to sue please contact me. This has to be illegal.

I’ll help you sue.

But first think about playing social instead of ranked if you can’t commit to finishing a match.


That’s just it. You gave a personal opinion. Your personal opinion has nothing to do with the game. It seems as if you are trying to control peoples lives and have no idea what is causing removal. From my situation to someone who’s server kicks them. Any answer you give is insufficient and I will no longer buy your game. How does that personal opinion sound?

Your choice.

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And that’s how they feel as well. It’s a lose lose

Bye. Try not being a quitter on COD.


Don’t quit ranked matches.

Closing thread.