Suspended Matchmaking

I have left the lobby screen on accident when we were voting for a map. Now im suspended from matchmaking which i totally understand. But it doesnt say for how long and it has been atleast 1 hour now… someone that can help, please? Also I am very close to the Emerald skin and i dont wanna choke it because of my stupid fault.

did you get 0x80190190

No, he got pwnd. :sunglasses:

First couple of times it gives you a 15 minute suspension, keep quitting and or getting disconnected (the system cannot tell the difference) it goes up to 30 minutes.

Has anybody gotten an 0x801901f4 error code along with the “Gears of war services is unavailable right now, please try again later” message.

Asking on behalf of a friend, not mine.


Yes me and the squad can’t seem to join any playlist

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same error code for me too, no game types will work. seems to only be a gears issue this time. last week the entire microsoft server went down in my area. i know things happen on the technical side but this the 2nd time in a short period that gears isnt playable and it is getting annoying


odd for me as well.

Just got back on and getting this error. I can play horde on private so not all is lost