Suspended from versus

I got an error message saying that I am suspending from matchmaking, but it does not say how long the suspension will last. Does anyone know what that means? I need help here with this issue.

You have to either drop a ticket or wait it out. I don’t remember but I think it’s a bug or something

How long will it last?

I’m not sure as I’ve never had a suspension issue myself. Did you quit out of a Versus match?

I quit the end of the very last round. Like I quit once it ended. It usually doesn’t issue me a ban cuz the game was already over.

Then there is a possibility of it bugging out and giving you a penalty. Try dropping a support ticket at the gears of war website and let them know. Hopefully your ban isn’t too long maybe a few minutes at least.

It is very likely that is the case here. I distinctly remember a friend wanting me to get into Versus and trying to drag me into Ranked TDM matches after me trying Vs several times prior and not feeling a need to go back to it. When some OTHER guy quit in the lobby and sent us back to the menu, the game basically gave us a big fat middle finger with a 15 minute penalty because someone else left in the lobby stage.

I have had no regrets not ever looking back after my short venture into Gears PvP when the servers can’t even properly ban only those who actually quit. And why does it ban players for leaving at the lobby stage? Even in Ranked I have not figured out what the purpose of that is. Not to mention TCs matchmaking ban system is so ridiculous it just stops you from doing anything but private/custom lobbies instead of only being for Ranked. At least it would do that in 4, I have never touched anything other than Coop vs AI in Gears 5 Versus.

TC has a lot to learn about a proper rank system.

Taking a look at a game like rainbow six siege and comparing its ranked to gears tbh its night and day.

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