Suspended from ranked after game crashed while skipping killcam

I’m just in awe right now… like, are you serious? It’s my first time playing an actual gamemode since I left halfway through my first arcade match and couldn’t find ranked matches at all last night. I was doing pretty good, having an intense KOTH game, then I started having fun… and boom. Black screen after skipping the (stupid) killcam, game restarts, and I’m suspended from matchmaking for 15 minutes. Now I remember another reason having “arcade” as the only social playlist is terrible.

WHY on earth would you have strict early quit penalties even when the game crashes in a TECH TEST??

I don’t like ■■■■■■■■ about things like this because I know what goes into making games and how hard it is, but most of the issues are clear and obvious design flaws.

Also, anyone manage to kill someone at the same time as they kill you like you could in gow 4? Because I feel like those situations are just a coin toss now.

Yes once.

I presume that is part of what TC want to test.

I lagged out of a game and now I can’t join for 15 minutes? My ping was under 30. If anyone caused the game to lag, should’ve been someone with a higher ping. Is this just for the tech test or is this final game material to discourage quitters? Look, I hate quitters too but you can’t punish people that get dropped out due to no control of their own. We gotta distinguish the two.