Suspended from Matchmaking like a god

I should’ve known better but I was playing on a Tuesday (the day steam servers go down for maintenance) aaaaanddddddd I get suspended for an hour. Should TC suspend players who’s internet dies or their Xbox/PC dies instantly?

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Problem is, how can the system identify a legit quitter to a person who has Internet issues?


What does the steam servers have to do with it? Im just asking because I thought you only buy the game through steam but still use your MS account and the game is run off of the Azure servers

I mean if you have a good ISP you shouldnt have too many issues. If your internet is always having issues or you play off wifi with issues then yes you should be suspended

The biggest issues with the system TC put in place is that it cant tell the difference between a quitter or a server issue. This has been a problem since 4

But if you dont have many issues then you wont get suspended is you quit or get disconnected every once in the blue.

The system is designed to punish people who quit/ get disconnect A LOT.


Say it isnt so




It doesn’t run directly off azure servers, it’s weird to explain

Really?? That kinda makes no sense to be honest. It would be 1 thing if you didnt need a MS account to play.

Well, I think I found out

You have to sync your data and you need the steam servers up to sign into xbox and use their servers

that’s my guess

Yea but the game itself run off Azure I dont think the game would run off steam servers.

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Yeah, don’t know, I don’t work at steam
You’re most likely right

Im just going off the fact that all MS 1st party games run off of Azure, it wouldnt make any sense for them to run off any other servers.

I could be completely wrong though lol

Yes, they should face punishment and TBH I think they should go further. It’s not a great choice, but it’s between having a game that suspends people who don’t deserve it frustratingly often or having a second-rate multiplayer RUINED by an army of quitters.

Also, TC has stated that they can tell when the disconnect is on their end and when it’s on yours. People need to be held responsible for their connections because your affecting other player’s experience.

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Yeah it doesn’t matter your reason for disconnecting what matters is you are negatively affecting other players with it. If you are getting disconnected a lot and still join matches to play with other people you are saying, “I don’t care about those players experience or if I ruin their game”, which alone should see you banned.

^ this.

The game uses MS’s Azure servers. Steam users have to log in to their acct via steam servers, but that doesn’t have anything to do with how gears runs its multiplayer/game/etc… just having a steam acct is one extra step for them to play, but it doesn’t have anything to do with how gears runs online.

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And then what about the poor connection player’s end? Should just expect to never play Ranked?

If a strong connection is out of their control because of financial issues, or maybe regional–how does that exclude them from being able to fully enjoy the product they paid $60 for?

Seems unfair, even if it’s for the “Greater good,” of the rest of the players in the game.

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I wouldn’t say that they can’t play ranked, just that they play it at their own risk knowing that they may end up getting disconnecting and incurring a ban.

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It would be nice for TC to implement a support page for disconnects, so people can argue their case for being disconnected and avoid a 20-day ban.

Although the ban just affects Ranked, not rolling matches or anything else, right?

It affects everything but offline matches