Suspended for slow internet

we’re not jerks man … we’re helping the mate here … Our suggestion for him its to put more money on his internet connection so he can have a blast playing the game. …

long are the days where you just buy a console and pop mario brons and start playing right away… NOW you need a good internet connection ( fiber optic if its possible) , a good ergonomic controller and a great tv or monitor… if the person doesnt have the bucks to spend on having a great gaming experience its not out fault man… its the OP fault… perhaps playing Tetris on a AMIGA PC would be his way to go.

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That sounds like a problem he needs to address or accept the consequences. If his internet isn’t stable enough to stay in matches or ruin the experience for others why should he be able to play? Others paid for the game too and don’t need somebody in there that creates uneven teams or a lag-filled experience. I play games to have fun and having somebody else ruin that due to their rubberbanding isn’t fair to myself or others.

Stick to Social. If your internet gets you booted out constantly that’s where you belong. Playing ranked with unstable internet should result in long suspensions.


A couple of hundred dollars? I don’t know the exact details regarding Mexico versus USA currency but that sounds crazy on the surface. :smiley:

For $99 after tax, I get Gigabit (Up and Down) with no data caps. Can’t beat that.


exactly right @Krylon_Blue that " jerk thing " was uncalled for…

we’re just merely helping the lad here…

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@D_A_N_III_3_L @Krylon_Blue Thank you both for replying. Since it was actually responded directly to my post, it was gonna be my duty to be the inconsiderate “jerk” Thank you both for allowing me to “Stay Thirsty my friend” :wink:

PS. Never thought a “that’s on you meme” and discussing the price of internet with @D_A_N_III_3_L would ever get me into the category of a “elitists” lol.


You knew damn well I’d be in here backing your viewpoint. We share the same one and those who ruin my matches shouldn’t be allowed to play just because they bought the game. I also paid for the game and shouldn’t be subjected to constant lag just because they can’t upgrade their stability for one reason or another.

Edit: Also, how bad must their internet be? I see people going from 60ms to 5000ms without dropping. That’s ridiculous and those players should have been dropped a long time ago instead of letting them stay.


I finally Really got to see a 90 to 2400 ping spike (every 20 seconds or so) first hand yesterday while keeping my dead cam on a player on my team. Even though he said “Sorry” in global chat for his internet after I asked “wtf is going on with his net” it was crazy so he was able to move decent untill his spike shot up than he was barley able to take baby steps for minutes at a time. Unless he ping went back down. This was 3 rounds. I died alot that game. He only actually got booted once. The game play was horrible. Seems like it affected every player but one which was on opposite team being a beast with a 200 ping. I just tried to fight through it because I didn’t want that “L” but from his prospective if that was me I wouldn’t even attempt to play anything like that. His experience was way worse than mine. If that is what crap internet plays like why in the hell would you even consider torturing yourself like that. My experience was awful, his was 10x worse. Imagine 90 to 2400 ping than slowly climb down to 90 get a few seconds of decent play than spike up again. FOR 3 rounds over and over smh.

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It’s not like theirs is amazing either. But their ping issues actually have a negative effect on my experience. The lower my ping the worse it’s going to be for me. You’ve heard me say it plenty of times — if I’m below 20ms and someone is spiking the experience will be miserable. I constantly teleport, rubberband, stick to cover, get killed while behind cover and a whole list of things when these circumstances hold true. Give me a 40ms against the same player and there is sponging but I don’t experience movement issues.


You should just play social or quick match if your internet is not that great. I agree with most here it’s a disadvantage for the whole team when someone leaves on Ranked


most welcome man … I don’t know why people nowadays are so sensitive about asking somwone to buy faster internet, I mean without it you’re a dead man in today’s world .

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It’s a real bummer for those that can’t but at the same time they can’t expect to ruin others experience in the process.

It’s amazing one person can have Gigabit while the next has slightly lower until we get to the bottom tier of DSL where the lines aren’t maintained properly and their 10mbps max speed is 0.08mbps during peak. The world in general needs true broadband all over.


Yeah, depending where you live, etc…

I cant get fiber to my home where i live, the best i can do is get fiber to neighberhood and then copper to my home which given me 50Mbps on dsl. On cable i can get 1Gbps but i am keeping it at 150Mbps because it is much cheaper and the gaming result is the same…

I think some people (not you) are focused too much on the download bandwidth, it"s not that, it"s the reliability and responsivness of the connection that matters. I played my most competative times on GoW4 on a 25 Mbps dsl without any problems, lag, or high ping…

Plus, lets not forget the local infrastructure… When deciding how long it will take you to get to the grocery store the speed you can get up to on your driveway isnt the only factor, right?

The clumbling congested roads will be a factor too…

But if most of your most loyal customers live in the third world, you have to design your product accordingly, dont you?


I get the same thing for $50. :grin:

That would cost me about CAD120/month… Thats what, USD85/month…

America? Because $99 is considered cheap in Illinois for what I have.

@Omen_LP, agreed. Bandwidth doesn’t equal reliability necessarily but if you don’t have enough to go around it’s going to be a nightmare experience. That’s why I mentioned it. Plus, if you have low end DSL, I’d bet it’s gonna have stability issues anyway.


OP’S Internet Service used in Gears 5 ( AS OF NOW )

BEFORE PLAYING GEARS 5 , Please see video below !!! : :smile:

More America than the rest of The U.S. combined:
I was paying $85 a month for Crapcast’s top tier internet only. 70mbps down/6mbps up.

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Even with a steady ping of 30-50 I am constantly getting booted from matches more frustratingly ranked matches then getting suspended, like why?, I am able to play other games fine but gears I will be skipping and seeing teleporting and all sorts of nonsense even with low ping but I go to other online games and it’s totally fine, will just be playing a ranked match maybe in the middle of a battle more annoying when you’re about to kill someone then you see someone run into a wall or something weird then get booted and obviously don’t want to join back or people will get 0 points or the game has turned or is about to end by the time I can rejoin so that you get suspended. Also why is it my ping varies so much from game mode to game mode have tried at different times of the day different modes and it’s crazy how different the game plays can have low ping 30-50 or high ping 60+ and they will vary extremely in the way they play it’s crazy like having low ping can be super bad which you wouldn’t expect only if you were in the 100+ or above 60 ping but sometimes playing at a high ping the game plays better meaning no audible skipping teleporting so on, I don’t understand it, why does my ping vary so greatly every game mode and game here and there when I can play other online multiplayer games fine.

Honestly might make my own post about this but I just expect backlash or putting some of the games faults on me even if my internet isn’t the best or meets all these criteria ive seen some people say before in forums I am still able to play other online multiplayers games fine and I have low ping most the time in 5 so why is it acting like it’s higher or does go higher in different modes or every once in a while in the same mode.