Suspended for slow internet

Why do I keep getting suspended for slow internet? It’s not my fault that my internet can be slow sometimes.


You shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the match for 9 other people because you can’t meet the requirements for online gaming.


I’m no quitter so why should I be at fault? The game kicks me out and I get suspended. And what requirements are there to meet?

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Internet that doesn’t kick you out constantly. That’s the requirement.
You’re trying to play victim when you’re leaving teammates in a frustrating 4v5. You playing on bad internet ruins the experience for others. Stop trying to put the blame on the devs.


The thing that amazes me is I played with somebody that had a 200ms ping as the low point but spiked above 2000ms constantly and they weren’t booted out.

How that’s even allowed is beyond me. There needs to be a threshold before booting a player and I’d say 2000ms is way above an acceptable range.


How can you even question it? It is your fault for your internet. Get it sorted, or do you expect the magical Internet Fairies to descend upon your house and magically install a free ultrafast fibre optic broadband.

You should be suspended permanently until you exceed that 1.3MB/S.



Sorry buddy but if your internet is slow then it affects other players in the lobby if you get disconnected. You play at your own risk. If you get kicked then expect a suspension. If you don’t want to run the risk then there’s always the Social play list.


it isn’t my fault the brakes in my car don’t work, I don’t intentionally drive into the end of the car infront of me, someone other than me should really do something about my brakes



to be fair to the OP this game has kicked me out of about a dozen or so games since I started playing it about 6 months ago, its much more frequent now than it was back then and when I do get kicked (through no fault of my own) it’ll give me that crappy 15 minute ban, I remember everybody in one game I was playing was booted (including enemies) and everybody was suspended and deranked, Gears 5 is a glitch fest if that makes any sense.

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This right here… I agree with everyone else too, but I got some pretty reliable net and a new router we just got about a month ago which only boosted our net even better… so I don’t ever get kicked on my own accord, but I have had the crappy servers kick me randomly and ban me.

If you got crappy net, that’s on you… but they oughtta be able to implement a way to know the difference of it being your net or their servers and thus not punish you for THEIR mistake.

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Thats a little like complaininf that you got kicked off of your racing team for having a slow, unreliable car…

The only comment which comes to mind is “Duhhhhh…”

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Bruh, why must you talk down on me? It’s not like I can help that my 4 Door Chevrolet Cavalier 4-Cylinder rattles as much as it is slow.

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Yes it is your fault…that ur internet is slow.
Its not tc fault.

Hi man @HEnry_varRO_33 Ill help you out to fix the issue:

  1. Go to youR Internet service provider
  2. pay a couple of hundred dollars more until you get 100 mb of internet speed at the VERY LEAST.
  3. If there’s an option to buy FIBER OPTIC Connection speed please do so…
  4. Wait until the company’s hound dog appears in your house and starts increasing your internet speed.
  5. fire up Gears 5 and try to play again.




Dam a couple hundred dollars more? That’s alot. You can get 200 from spectrum where I’m at for $44 a month when bundled or a little over a $100 by itself. I know all areas dont have deals like that but dam it’s on OP not to try and run Dial up.


what is your internet connection? you have not really provided much context here.

this can be easily tested here ← run this and let us know

there are a few things to note here, hopefully it will clear up what the minimum requirement is…


what router are you using, cheep routers can cause problems. This is tricky to identify as the problem,

ask your friends if they have the same problem with gears on their internet (this MIGHT isolate the router, people in the same location should get a similar ping… assuming the reasoning that some companies actually use the same networks to provide their internet)


The dev’s have not specified this (which is a shame). Most games today do not have a massive bandwidth requirement,

Below is the traffic of playing gears, whilst in an Xbox party, note that this bandwidth is minimal! you do not need 100Mbit internet… I am bearly using 0.5Mb to play the game.


However you do need a decent ping, being close to the gaming servers will help, and not using a wireless connection. anything below 30 ms ping yields a good game.

my setup

My connection is not impressive, I have 50Mb-ish and can stream, watch Netflix and twitch and still get 7-20ms ping (unless I am put on servers on another continent, but that’s due to the lack of players, which is a shame as its a cool game)

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I actually dont know how anyone can play with a ping above 80. The company who provides my net were doing work in the area and told me they need to slow down the internet but ill still be able to use it. So after work I come home and throw gears on, join a match and play. The ping spiked from 25 to 90 and the game start skipping and then went into triple digits and into the 4s. Honestly it felt like I was playing a match that already happened. It was the most unbearable thing I have played but the game allowed me stay when I should of been thrown out . It was just a couple of us doing VS catching up online so luckily no one was impacted but F me sideways it was just unbelieveable to watch lol. Hey I am on ther side of the map nope im back at spawn oh now i have infinite ammo … oh wait … its frozen … why is everyone walking into walls? sure ill try kill one of them … now im just shooting a wall cause everyone is on the other side of the map now lol.

As for the OP. I would to come to your defence as I have been kicked from games for no other reason than server issues but you openly admitted you have bad internet and it does effect the team your are playing with as well as the opposing team. Best case scenario get onto your provider and get an upgrade and hardwire your xbox to the modem and worst case stay with what you have and shelf Gears because with that internet there is no point in playing.

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I don’t think he should be suspended for it. Maybe just put into a class of matchmaking with other slow internet people.

And all of you bombing on the guy for slow internet are jerks. Maybe where he lives he has the fastest internet available or maybe he simply can’t afford better internet. He bought the game same as you and being an elitist telling him he “can’t sit with you” is a ■■■■ move.

Not everyone can afford or justify spending extra money on fast internet and while I agree that losing a team mate or having someone constantly lagging the game is annoying I don’t think it deserves being banned over.