Suspended for no reason

So here I was playing minding my own business did very poorly on a match left to go to the bathroom after exiting match making and come back and I’m suspended from matchmaking for 15 minutes. Didn’t leave early or quite a match mid way threw no mater how bad I was getting killed and I get what suspended for playing a bad round

I’ve got dropped from matches because of the crap connection, tried searching for a new game and got banned for an unknown time because “you or one of your teammates quit the match.”

I’ve also been stuck for over 15 minutes waiting to find a match and unable to back out (or else face a “quitting penalty.” The game ended up cancelling the matchmaking and threw me back to the main menu. When i tried searching for a game, i got banned for 15 minutes.

It’s absolute BS, but you’re probably going to get people replying to this thread saying that you probably did quit, and that you deserved to be banned.


Is it possible that you accidentally requeued by clicking A after the game and got kicked from the next game for being AFK?

They don’t suspend you for being bad :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly what I suspected after I read it. A couple of my buddies to that crap to us all the time, then act like they didn’t know we were going into another match.

When u get kicked it suspends you,its just dumb.

This has happened to me a few times. Whenever I finish a ranked game, sometimes I would walk out of the room and go do something else and forget that matchmaking queue me for the next match. Now I have to remind myself to get all the way back to main menu before going idle for whatever reason.

i would accidently do this (and get booted from games) back when I was still unfamiliar with the X1. In the 360 days, hitting the big glowing button completely took you out of whatever game you were playing. now its just a menu button

Yea, not only that, but you can shut your Xbox off and the game will leave you in for a stupidly long time while the servers try to reconnect you, thinking you just lagged. I have friends do this and we have to wait a long time for the game to remove them before we can start another match.

Started an Execution match about 10 minutes ago. Your ‘servers’ seem to be struggling to find a match, then it says the match was cancelled due to a player quitting, near the end of the vote in the lobby.

Im suspended for a half hour and couldnt play one match? Im not the one who quit, I wasnt touching the controller, and dont quit.

Fix your game, unless you want to show you no longer support it. Those ‘supporter packs’ work fine though, Im sure.

Ok so I’m just playing a match and before the match started i was disconnected while my friends was still in the lobby. I thought it was no big deal ill just join back but now somehow i’m suspended and it doesn’t give a time frame of how long i’m suspended. what happened here?