Suspended for no apparent reason

I seen TC Oculus or Vectes (forget which) asking for info about this so here goes .
Around 9:10 pm est I’m loading a lobby for ranked TDM with one player with me, the map voting screen comes up but I can not see map selection screen, I’m instantaly thrown in the main menu with a 30 min ban. My teammate made it into the match, I was host.
So once again I’m unable to play due to being suspended for 30 mins. This issue has been occurring since the game has been out, and people have been complaining about this since the game has been out. Around 2 years later and no fix or any info from TC.
I tried to be as constructive as possible regarding the info, so I would guess with all the times this had happened i have lost hours of time I had set aside to play this game. Would love to hear back from TC. I highly doubt this is a server problem as other games use Azure servers without noted issues. If there something going on with the game and it’s match making let people know, a little honesty goes a long way when dealing with the people who pay your paychecks.


It concerns me that TC are now asking for info, as if they hadn’t heard of it the past 2 years we’ve been complaining about it. When I play in a squad, it happens at least once a night. Sometimes with a ban sometimes not.

As I’ve said on here a million times it’s not our internet because party chat is uninterrupted and if there’s two people in a house playing, one can get booted while the other is fine.

Yeah I don’t know, was hoping if I made a detailed post describing what happened maybe I’d get a response. Whatever I’ll just suck it up, like this game has such potential along with gears 5 if just a few issues are handled. The way to handle them is to work with the community.

This game is broken bro

Same thing happened to me the other night with KOTH, finished a match and as it ended and I got my xp it kicked me out to the lobby as it always does and suddenly I was banned for half an hour. Bizarre goings on with this game!
Imagine if it’s fan base had enough and nobody bought Gears 5, where would they be then?!