Suspended for lagging out of games

I do not quit EVER, and the last two days I have been getting lagged out of about 50% of my online ranked matches. I don’t think it’s fair to be suspended for that, on top of me having decent internet connection in general. Feels like someone hacked my account, wouldn’t be surprised.

You’re probably suffering internet issues.
Those two sites will help tell you if it’s you or if it’s Gears. The 2nd one is the more important one.

nope, tests showed everything is great, other games work fine. Only happens with gears and just recently start happening. thanks btw

@A_Rolled_Jernt I have never just lagged out of a game. I’ve had some really weird stuff happen after the last update. A couple of matches we were like Sonic the hedge hog. People zipping around, rubberbanding like crazy. …as an ex telecom tech, you can have issues with your internet that won’t show up on a speed test. Your connection will test fine. High resistance opens/low resistance series faults. Grounding issues. Sometimes a light bulb of a specific kind can cause internet problems. That all goes back to bonding and grounding. Too many people using your connection all at once obviously can drag your speeds so low you will lag out. Im not saying any of this is happening. Just saying that just because something test good doesn’t mean it is good. If it keeps happening, get a technician out there.