Suspended for an indefinite amount of time?

Hey guys I just wantes to know why my suspension doesn’t give me a time. Thanks for any answers

Well yes, I should have known better, but thats what they all say, I just want to know how long this will last.

The bans don’t show how long someone is banned for.

It can only be a strategy from a rival MP developer that has broken into TC to sabotage and kill gears’s already small player base.

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If you cant play after 15min then you have a problem
Sometimes you have no choice i had a TDM where my whole team quit by mid rd 1 …
Yet they expect you to take a free beatdown
An stay the whole match
Honestly the disrespect in this game is unreal
There shouldnt be a penalty if youre the only one on the team
Ive been playin gears 5 for a year an progressively have no desire to get back on

Bans times go up after each ban, they are supposed to go back down but i don’t know how long you need to be quit free to get those results.

Im pretty sure there is a wait time where if a teammate quits, after that time limit you can quit ban free.


@lukebazz91 i dont think so. Which sucks. As another player said…ive quit matches after 2 or 3 teammates quit…and still got a suspension. and even then before quitting, Id try to hang and goof around or try to get people to 1 v 1. But when they dont acknowledge your attempts to be light hearted by approaching them backwards …and they thirst kill and execute you…you should be able to quit and move on.

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Weird. I haven’t quit a ranked match in a long time, but I remember the quit option being ban free.

There should be an option called “forfeit” just like other games.

When 2 guys disconnects then the option gets accessible and the 3 remainers can forfeit the game simple voting like in other games.

If a guy stays by itself then he can click forfeit and the game ends, he’s not penalized and the other team get the win with a 500 points reward (not the 1500 IF the game is at begin). Otherwise if the game is in the 2nd/3rd round then the winner team gain the whole 1500 points.

From development perspective this is not even difficult to implement (I’m a dev).


Yeah people have been talking about this since gears 4, don’t see this ever Happening though

Happened to me and my teammates sometimes. The last one was when it was me and 2 teammates. I disconnected first and then the other 2 because the remmaining other players quitted.

Because I was the first one, I got the 15 mins ban (my 1st quit ever in rankeds).

Wish i would have gotten here earlier. Everytime someone makes a thread questioning the ban system, you have some smartass telling basically telling you “dont quit, get good scum” when they dont know the circumstances behind it.

The game kicks you for no reason all the time. no one should have to stick around for a 150 ping match or a complete beatdown if they dont want to.

The only argument these people can provide is “terms of service bro” and “dont quit scum”. Dont listen to these people, they are total simps for TC.

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Yeah i just left earlier because one of my teammates left and one of the other two stopped moving, I’m glad i don’t only just play multiplayer, it gets repetitive with people leaving and not moving

Or wallbouncing like idiots in some corner. :sob:

I mean they do all that wallbouncing bs and when they get in a actual shotgun fight they get bodied, its nothing new.

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They do that to intimidate you so you lose resolve so they can get you. They are like wolves. If you let them intimidate you, you are in trouble. If you stand your ground and don’t let them intimidate you, you will be fine.

Whats more intimidating is getting crossed by three people with lancers and you go down in .5 seconds

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I got a ban saying I need to play 2 quick play games… I since have played 2 quikplay games completed and I am still banned??? This is broken wtf ?