Suspended because of internet disconnection

Got a 1 day suspension after already being suspended for 1 day because my internet disconnected in the middle of a match. Wow, really great game design TC.

In order to get that long of a ban you would have to quit a match more than 2 times

I haven’t quit any games today

not saying you quit today just in general. The more you quit the longer the ban gets. So for you to get up to a 1 day suspension it had to happen multiple times

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Dont be a quitter!

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I’d say this is more of an issue with your connection than it is with their game design.

If your internet isn’t stable you shouldn’t be playing ranked.



Pay your internet provider and stop quitting ranked matches.

I have got the same issue, got disconnected due to connection issue and try to rejoin the game but the match ended and got suspended for 15 minutes. Also get rank penalty for quiting the match and lost my rank from onyx to gold.

Fix the damn issue with this stupid suspension yeah