Suspended again for match dissolving

So I posted a thread about this a week or so ago and it’s still happening. I load into a match only to be thrown back into the main menu then I get suspended. To the best of my knowledge this still has not been addressed by The Coalition. Why? The least you can do is respond that your working on it? Sorry? Something! I have the clip of it occurring and the last few weeks it seems to be getting worse. If you can’t fix it then stop suspending the people who aren’t quitting it can’t be that complicated. Trying to grind for this diamond scion is becoming stressful, I’m mainly a solo player that gets put in servers that aren’t even near me, teamed up with bronze and no ranks, and to top it off I’m getting suspended for something that has nothing to do with me, I have a lot of money invested In my internet and my connection is top notch. This is a gears related issue has to be, Azure servers are no joke other companies use them with no issues. Please sort this mess out, communicate with your customers, the people that pay your salaries. We give feedback and bring up issues that need addressed but seem to fall on deaf ears.

I’ve been having this problem too. Now I have a credit penalty that’s lasted since two days ago!

this is a problem that has been ignored for far 2 long. i agree this should be corrected. but honestly dont think TC has the right people or personnel to actually fix the issue, thus causing us to deal with this problem.

Precisely THIS is the reason I don’t play Ranked VS anymore, after >5000 matches and I’ve seen a whole bunch of broken crap. Dissolved lobbies in loop linked with suspensions are too much to tolerate.