Suspended Again! 15 Mins! Please Look Into This! Can’t keep suspending people that just get kicked out of a game for no reason getting old!

I was sitting waiting for game to load match in lobby I get booted out then suspended wow!!! Quitters should be penalized for sure but come on!!!


Yup :wink:

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Good riddance, so tired of seeing people qui… oh wait, you got booted.

Shakes fist.


I’m regularly kicked out of games before the map event starts to load, and I can’t get back, I’m instantly suspended. Today that happened once, and I got 30 minutes.
It never occurs during a game, always before the map begins to load, so it’s not a connection issue on my side.

This is even worse when playing with friends obviously…

Happens to genuine players. People who quit mid match all the time, nothing happens to them. Great coding!

This just happen to me too, was wait for game to load. And got booted from game , tryrd to look for new game only to find out I am suspended, love Gears but this is BS

Another suspension for me.
How about the rejoin match option actually work?
How about not suspending people when the match fails to load?
Who the eff bans their customers from playing their game?
It’s disgusting.

It’s a new norm for me to finish the night in last two weeks or so since the “harsher penalties” broken ofc are introduced. It’s repetitive EVERY SINGLE DAY till last night escalated to THREE HOURS of timed ban.

So, left with no other option here but to use that time to lauch the browser head to Microsoft support talk to Microsoft representative AND REPORT THIS BULLYING. They can check your connection, your reputation and tech aspects of server access ban.

So, if you’re 1000% sure you didn’t quit or your router don’t lose connection, go ahead to Microsoft support file a report against illegal activities by the game developer. I’m so sick tired of all craps with mp vs, and now this…

I got kicked tonight and a 30min suspension but the stupid thing wouldn’t even tell me I was suspended, it just gave me a matchmaking error and asked if I wanted to try again. After 5min of this I let my friend host and he was able to tell me it was a suspension.

Party chat was stable the whole time so it’s definitely something with the Gears servers.

Did TC aknowledged this issue as of yet? And what is causing it? Any guesses?

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This is getting old. Rather go back to dealing with quitters. Things are worse now. How I still have to deal with quitters AND getting suspended for something out of my hands. Time to go back to the drawing board for this quit penalty stuff. The solution is worse than the problem

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Came on here just to make sure I wasn’t the only one.