Suspended after getting kicked by the server!

I was kicked out by the server for no damn reason!
And then i rejoin, and help my team get to win the first round,and in the excact moment round 1 is done. The server kicks me again,and NOW with SUSPENSION 7 MINUTES??
Help me please😓
That sucks and it was against a “bad” team as well,so i get penalty and major loss in ranked!
That is not fair.
The season has just started and it starts like this?


Welcome to Gears 4, have a nice day.

Jokes aside, this has been going on for some time and unless TC finds a fix it will keep happening.


Lol help you with what? You literally couldn’t wait 7 minutes before you posted this?

Really man… Its a known issue so why is anyone utterly shocked if it happens

Chill man,this post goes to the devs" hopefully"

And its important to state the problems,when BS occurs.
It clearly happens more than usual, so shutting up about it doesnt help either.
I woud understand if you get kicked for high ping,but this isnt the case as i have 30ping.

getting kicked for no reason has happend m
any times before.

Its the penalty part that frustrates me a little

and it gives me penalty for getting kicked.

I have already eaten a lot of lobby dissoveld penaltys, that hasnt been my fault.


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It’s a server-side issue, there is no differentiation so it’s all treated the same

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