Suspended 15 minutes

Serious problem here. Was playing with my sons. We finish the match, get the stats, and are going to que up. Then I get booted from their team. They are then searching on their own. I invite them back and start the search. Here is what I get:

Restart matchmaking

You or one of your squad members are currently suspended from matchmaking.

Guerrero Ultimo (note: Me) is suspended : 15 minutes remaining.

Unable to find a match, would you like to try again?

Selecting yes it just moved the timer down to the next minute down. What is this? I mean, a random suspension. If it is for quitting I did once. Not on my own. The game actually kicked me out. But that was not my fault. I was not the only one who lost connection. And that was one game.

Yeah, for some reason if you lag out, or get booted from a team, you get a suspension.

This can happen to me very rarely.

Normally when I match doesn’t finish well and locks us into the final scoreboard …

When i lag out, i never get a suspension for some reason.

You must be the chosen one then :laughing:

Exactly what happened to me last night. Only difference is I was still in the game when I got booted.

It’s frustrating to know people get kicked like this from games that don’t want to quit.

Very frustrating, to the point where you quit out for the evening. Because it’s too late to wait for the ban to pass . Work and kids come pretty early the next morning.

Yeah this happened to me last night. I finished a ranked match, went to the scoreboard and just left it idly for like 10 minutes. (did not press A or B). When I came back, I was at the main menu and when I attempted to search for a new ranked match, it said I was suspended for 15 minutes. I don’t even take Ranked Versus seriously enough to ragequit anyway lol, was just doin it for the 20 matches achievement.

Unbelievable. I am playing Gears since 2008 and for the first time, the game, not anyone else booted me and restricted me for 15 minutes. OK Coalition it appears to me that you do everything to decrease player size for Gears 5. So be it. Keep your stupid online store with your stupid microtrasction and shove that iron up your ■■■■! Just deinstalled Gears 5.

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15 minutes is too long to wait? Lol

That likely isn’t their point.

This has happenened to me 2 nights on the trot now im thick skinned to still be playing this game as it is but this is ttp