Surprised with Kantas pack

So I turned on Gears for the first time in about a week and to my surprise I had 6 Kantas packs waiting for me in the store. I didn’t buy any. The last time I played the snowglobe packs were still available. Anyone else come across this???

Nope. I suppose my questions are:

(1) Do you produce any Gears content that promotes the game like a Youtube channel? Maybe TC gave them to you cos they normally give out packs and content to people who do so that they can help to promote the game? It’d be late given the packs first came about in early November (I think), but even so…

(2) Have you been using any substances that may have say… made you forget that you had logged on and bought them? You know, drugs, alcohol etc.


(3) Are you using any substances that cause hallucinations?


I had some drinks last week but again that was when the snowglobe packs were out. I havent bought any packs recently. When were the kantas packs put up?

The first time round was in early November. This time round think it was last Friday.

I was quite happy they came back, I wasn’t playing when they were out before and I wanted the set to match my Bodied gnasher :sweat_smile:

Yea I definitely didn’t buy any, and I dont really promote. I do have some clips on youtube but thats more for me and my friends.

You’ve been awarded the exclusive Kantus’ girlfriend pack!

I got the super sexy orange kantas lol…

Also @Bleeding_Pepper I had everything from the first drop. This game is soooo weird

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