Surge hive difficulty increase?

So I earned Lizzie Saturday and then did a ton of solo Elite speed runs on the Surge hive to level her up (got to level 12). My Rear Armor card is level 5, giving great damage protection as I roadie run the entire way, without firing a shot until the door starts to close. Must have done 40 or more speed runs without dying once.

Had 15 minutes before work today so I thought I’d do a couple speed runs. Was killed very quickly while running along the usual path. Started over, same thing, nearly instant death when approaching the first group of enemies. Anyone else notice this?

I got this. Was playing Surge last week and completed a good few runs flawlessly. Played it again on Monday and got absolutley slaughtered. 20 attempts and could not even reach the first room. Every single time we were dropped by a single shot even with all the damage protection cards in play. Definately increased the difficulty.

Ninja nerf. TC is now known for such.

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They’ve done that in the past with g4 too right? a change was made and a while later it was like “surprise you guys have been playing like this all along!”

I forget what tuning they were messing with.

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Yes. Then they come out and say they were looking to see what comments were made before informing us of the change.

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They also messed with Mac’s Boltok bleed and Adrenaline Junkie(eg nerfed to 60%, both of them) without telling anybody, no reason given. There hasn’t been a comment on that to this date.

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That’s a shame. Especially after we were told there would be more transparency and the devs would spend more time here.

I’ll try it again after work. If it has been changed, fine, but shame on them for not announcing it. It’s not like a glitch, we were simply playing the hive by moving efficiently.

If Surge is no longer playable (or fun to play), what’s the best hive now for speed runs on Elite or higher?

It’s not technically a speedrun hive but The Clock is fairly easy to complete(assuming you know where to go and what to do) with almost any character, providing you can handle the weapons given to you well enough or the majority of spawned enemies are Rejects. I can mostly reliably do it on Elite solo with Lizzie with Ghost Enemies, Faster Venom, Ammo Starvation and… well, I don’t remember what fourth modifier I have turned on. But I disabled Ironman, More Health and More Lethal for those runs. You may try it on Insane solo or with others too. It’s not that difficult to run it(I passed the hive on Master on its day of release just hours after it got released, with two random players found in public matchmaking, so it cannot be that hard). If you have a competent Mac you can do Inconceivable or even Master on it. Silverback’s also got its uses there.

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If there are 2 of you, the clock is quite easy to do on insane/inconceivable depending on characters used and skill level. Not sure about on your own though. Would be interested to hear about recent solo methods - most friends have stopped playing again after getting general in op 2.

Haven’t been able to try Surge due to evening social events (wife controls my evenings, no complaints whatsoever about it).

Nobody wants to chime in with any solo Escape speed run suggestions?