Supporting & Investing In Gears of Wars Future - My Contribution & Commitment

Everyone has their own way of supporting the game. Whether it’s by playing, visiting forums, engaging on Twitter, Reddit or Discord - one way or another, we’re a small community that does its bit.

Today I wanted to make an effort to help TC continue building upon the fantastic game that is Gears 5.

Due to lockdown & having some extra capital expenditure at my disposal (lack of shopping, ability to go out much, that kinda thing) - I was able to divert some of that into the one game I play.

I really hope this effort goes towards allowing @TC_Octus & the team at The Coalition continue making Gears 5 the best Gears game to date.

Also, I like really numbers, looking forward to spending that on all the amazing content that’s brought to life into this amazing game.


It’s a little late for an april fool’s joke


Will you ever even spend that much Iron on Gears 5 during its entire lifetime? You probably already have enough Boost to last all of it and maybe even beyond. But given how the Store items currently often lack appeal… even with a much smaller amount of Iron I struggle to find things worth using it on.

Off topic(kinda), but I’m not a fan of what they did with the Phantom skins in Gears 5. They look more like semi-translucent blocks than, you know, phantom-y like they were in Gears 4. This is even more apparent with the Purple Phantom skins in the Store, which really aren’t all that transparent. Even though I don’t have much against the color purple(other than not seeing how it fits to any existing character), the fact that those skins aren’t really true to their name is enough to not bother with them.


I recently realized that the only way to support the Gears 5 is not to play this game =/


Can’t tell if you’re trolling or not… hmmm, Im going to have to think this one through :neutral_face:


This man is going to have boost on Gears 5 even when Gears 6 comes out, gotta respect it.

Also 155,620 iron, that’s a lot of Delivery Driver Mac’s right there.


Envii ol boy isn’t stupid. 100% trolling but he does have deep pockets.


I’m a dolphin, so I have gone a bit deep.

But supporting the franchise I love makes it better than the gacha games I used to play heavily in the past.

Gears for life.


@TC_Octus give this man a proper gnasher and custom weapon skins


I think I will,

I’ve spent 100K so far and it’s only been 7 months.

I really enjoy the game tbh.

Especially with friends, I don’t have many, but it’s always a blast.

For real!

Well, until I stop gaming which is probably as soon as lockdowns over and I can finally go out again :sob:

Aha, over 4 years worth!!

Only reason I bought the Iron :sweat_smile:

Oooofff :eyes:


I’m sorry mate as you know I have never argued with anyone in regards to his own purchases, but you need a finance consultant, dude!


I agree :eyes:


Just promise me you won’t spend it on banners or marks

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Also 1,555 days of boost is barely enough to reach Re-up 50




My Razer Banner is my favourite one & really Rare,

Plus I have the “High Roller” Mark which is appropriate :grimacing:

Aha, I only play PvP so I’ll never get close to 50!


And I thought I was bad buying 2250 iron a month!! Can’t beat da skinz hahaha


One of my last Gears Of War 4 is better than Gears 5 brothers is gone… Sigh :pensive: Just messing!

I still primarily play 4, but when i do jump into 5 and than back over to 4, it really puts into perspective how much i like 4 more. The higher skill gap being one of the main reasons. Im hoping one day ill enjoy 5 as much. Its been a slow effort on TC’s part, but im trying to stay optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel :slightly_smiling_face:


Solid purchase tbh :eyes:


I thought I would like 4 more & go back but when I did, just didn’t feel as smooth tbh :sweat_smile:

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I only played 4 for a couple months after launch and then a couple weeks before Gears 5 launched, and I can’t imagine going back. There are so many small things that are great about 5 like pellet hit markers and the TOD.