Supporter pack 11 suggestions

·Black steel griffin(character)
·black steel locust flame grenadier(character)
·black steel thrashball locust drone(character)

·3d fight night logo(emblem)

·Fight night logo(animated skin)


BENJAMIN CARMINE BLACKSTEEL WTH IS THE POINT IN WAITING any longer… he’s been my favorite since ‘08 & I’m sick of seeing nothing but Baird & doms’… thank you TC thank you, for tons of extra, bs… no wonder this community sucks…


Think we’re gonna get

Ben Carmine
Gary Carmine
Theron / Savage locust variant

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Black Steel Future Marcus
Black Steel Commander Marcus
Black Steel Gears 2 Marcus

Marcus Fenix Weapon Set x14


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Black steal outer wilds Kait, with the correct hair animation of course

Black steel flame grenadier
Black steel gary carmine
Black steel male uir

As long as there’s no Uir - I’m happy.

BS B. Carmine BS Gary Carmine BS Big Rig Dizzy

BS Civilian Anya BS Commando Dom BS E-Day Gear(s)

BS Mechanic Baird & BS Old Man Marcus… and please no more swarm/locust I hardly ever get the chance to use a swarm/locust character

Please have BS Helmetless Gear and BS Medic Gear…Oh and perhaps BS Naked Swarm as well

This made me laugh

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Console UIR
Black Steel Blood Moon Imago :stuck_out_tongue:

Black steel Rod Ferguson.


Super spongy

I think that they should definitely have Black Steel Kantus. It’s weird that the other two variants of Kantus have Black Steel skins besides the OG. Also, Black Steel Griffin, Commando Don, Mechanic Baird, Palace Guard, Flame Grenadier, or Black Steel Lambent (since the Lambent pack is coming out soon) would all be cool too.

Black Steel Mechanic Baird
Black Steel Blood Moon Imago
Black Steel Theron Palace Guard
With these weapon skins:

Design by Elizabeth Wright

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Still waiting on the Black Steel Palace Guard…

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