Supporter Pack 10

So I know it’s been a week now since they dropped the Esports Supporter Pack 10, but I was curious to know if they will bring it back this week, with the addition of new skins for the upcoming event?

Why? You don’t know what to do with 10 bucks?
Donate to Red Cross or buy your GF an ice cream…


Maybe tonight for the fight night

I would guess so at the usual 6pm UK time …

Best luck I’ve ever had with 1 esport pack. After the fight night was over I thought I’d buy 1 more pack because I enjoyed Optic getting their a$$ handed to them and I had great luck getting the BS AK with the only pack I’ve bought so far because I don’t really like the weapon skins. Bought 1 and got both BS Marcus and BS Mihm, which I didn’t even think was possible. So 2 packs and all 3 BS characters. I need to play the State Lottery tonight. Lol.