SUPPORT what is that?

The Coalition have some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. I’ve made 3 separate requests, they don’t even send a notification saying they’ve received them anymore. I’ve never even gotten a response back. Microsoft won’t even give me refunds anymore because I’ve exceeded the yearly limit. I can’t buy iron from the in game store because I get an error code, yet the transaction is still processed and they take my money anyway. The iron never appears. I started using the Microsoft store to buy iron which has been working until recently and because it’s the Microsoft store you don’t get an error code which is what they ask for. Today I bought the onyx guard and it says I own him, but he is not in my character list. It’s really great guys, 10/10. Please take more of my money, please I would like nothing more. I love this game, charitable donations to Rod Ferguson and the support team for sitting on their thumbs.

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The last thing id give these clowns…is money😏


The Onyx Guard is a skin for the COG Gear so you need to have him unlocked before you can use the Onyx Guard


I had a buddy who said it didn’t show after his purchase but was still able to select Hime and play with that skin/character. This is the second post about onyx guard not being in play after purchase I’ve seen. I have a feeling it is a glitch in their code.

Thanks man, you might be right… or maybe you need to unlock female onyx in your of duty first… not sure.

You unlock both when you unlock the COG gear.

TC has stated before that you have to have the character in order to use the skins

Glitch, I can’t equip the cog gear totem, made it with scrap but won’t let me use it… there’s always something with this game dude. Guess I gotta spend 500 more iron to unlock that too before I can use the onyx guard I paid for.

After you unlock the totem try resetting your game before you buy the character