Support Cross-Play

Cross-Play needs to be supported for a number of reasons that I’ll explain here.
I’ll address the communities biggest concern about fairness and PC advantages later.

Cross-Play is something new that can be beneficial in more ways that not. Player-bases increase which allow game Multiplayer to stay alive longer. No one likes dead games or games that take forever to find matches.

This also allows Gamers who have friends that prefer other platforms to game on finally be able to play together. The more successful and usage Cross-Play gets in the few games that have it will likely influence Cross-Play on a larger scale. For instance; Xbox and Sony combining Call of Duty Lobbies ect.

Now that I’ve addressed why Cross-Play is beneficial to the average gamer; lets talk about the more controversial topics.

Making the argument that an Xbox controller is different from a PlayStation controller therefore it’s not a perfectly equal playing field or vice versa wouldn’t be a compelling argument. Both controllers are similar enough to where it just comes down to preference more than anything else. They have to be because both platforms are in direct competition of each other.

Now we can talk about the actual platform itself. As of today Xbox makes the most powerful console to date. Typically you’re going to see resolution increases before frame-rate increases. But to play devils advocate lets say an FPS game releases on both platforms with the Xbox X having a frame-rate increase over PlayStation . I feel in that case Cross-Play should be up to the developer or the community and not necessarily be mandated. I only encourage the idea of Cross-Play but its not for every game. However, with both Xbox and PlayStation having standard and premiere versions of their consoles, they tend to already level the playing field in regards to frame-rate. So I don’t see this being a problem to begin with.

Now I want to discuss the biggest concern; Console Cross-Play with PC.
I am well aware that PC’s can impose advantages with peripherals like; mouse and keyboard or in some cases higher frame-rates. I don’t want obvious games like Battle Field or PUBG to obtain Cross-Play with consoles. That would only result in a disastrous advantage for PC gamers. However there are games out there that don’t separate the platforms in terms of advantages or cause disruption in gameplay. For instance; MineCraft, Rocket League, Killing Floor, and many other games where PC’s will not impose differences that will manifest into advantages or unfairness .

The more we support Cross-Play in games that have it, the more other games can benefit from it as well. Which is why we should support it here playing Gears 4.
I strongly feel Gears of War has a bigger influence on the success for Cross-Play in future games because of its ties to Microsoft or the platform Xbox itself.

Gears of War is one of those games where rotation speed and precision do not effect gameplay enough to call it an advantage. Gears is a 3rd person cover based game that benefits players who understand movement strategy over anything else. Hit boxes are large, weapon reticles are large even with precision weapons, and a 3rd person field of view gives players better visuals over the entire map compared to other First Person Shooters. The idea of fast rotation speeds and a precision mouse never manifest themselves into obtainable advantages.

In my experience playing Gears on Xbox and PC the biggest difference I can see is that they are different in how I perceive the playing field and how I want to approach a situation in front of me. However, both platforms did not make me feel I was a better player or not. It was just a different feel. There was definitively Pro’s and Cons to both platforms but in no way did I feel I would become a better player depending upon whether I play on Xbox or PC.

To prove this to myself I tired separating both platforms as far away as possible to see if I could pin point a benefit to playing on either platform . On Xbox I used a standard controller opposed to my Elite controller because I’m sure that’s being used more often. And on PC I played at 240Hz while manipulating the field of view option.

After a very long period of time on both platforms the only difference that I could find was that my play-style would differentiate between the platform. I tend to play more aggressive on PC and more defensive on Xbox. I can’t say one is better than the other. I died more often on PC for the obvious over aggression but I ended up with more kills as well. Being more defensive on Xbox my K/D was typically better but I would be absent during kills I probably could have gotten if I tried to get them. Overall it felt more of a preference of how I liked to play rather than being better

At first I wanted to give my PC a point when it comes to sniping but after a while I noticed myself getting headshots just as often on my Xbox so this really confused me. I think this goes back to where I explained how this game really doesn’t rely on precision that much with the larger hit boxes and giant reticles.

As far as FOV goes, It just felt more awkward than beneficial. Sliding the field of view all the way out I still wasn’t able to see deep around corners and still found myself checking corners the same way I do on Xbox and with the standard FOV. So I ruled that one out right away.

Other than minor differences and subjective preferences giving my PC the biggest upper hand as possible at 240Hz and adjusted game settings, I came to the conclusion that it really boils down to how do you want to play. Either you game on PC or on Xbox. It doesn’t matter. Even with the extreme case being at 240Hz which is less than 1% of all PC gamers there still wasn’t a clear advantage.

To finally sum this up, and I know this was a lot to read. Cross-Play can be very beneficial to all gamers when implemented correctly. And I strongly feel the community dissonance from PC-console Cross-Play is irrational seeing as I sought it out myself and couldn’t distinguished a “better platform”.

Cross-Play is the future, we need it and we all should support it starting with Gears of War 4. I am very confident that both platforms come to the playing with fairness so I will stand my ground with this idea.

Feel free to comment your opinion


I would be for it but I’ll tell you why I’m not currently. I’m sure as a lot of players have noticed, the ranking system isn’t good in Gears 4. This is based off the fact that you’re never guaranteed to gain percentage off wins, but you’ll more than likely lose percentage from loses.

Now I know they’re not very common but I’ve seen enough clips to make me not want to enable cross-play, and it’s due to hackers. Now I’m not of the mindset that every other person on PC who plays Gears is a hacker. But I wouldn’t want a situation to occur where I’ve played for about three hours and not gained percent, then I run into a hacker using aimbot or something and I lose a lot of percent.

I wouldn’t really mind if the ranking system was ‘5% for wins, -20% for loses’ (not what I want, just an example) because then I’d know even if the guy was hacking, I can report him with proof and I’d just need four wins to get back to where I was. But with how drastic a loss can be (especially in the Diamond tiers) it’s not worth taking the risk at the moment.

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I have a feeling GoW isn’t going to be coming out on PlayStation any time soon, but I do agree that Crossplay would be a fantastic feature to have for all multiplatform games.

The only thing holding it back though is Sony, that’s it. A lot of developers, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all keen.

Why post here? This is not an attack but crossplay is down to the provider which is microsoft not TC and if microsoft is all hands on deck for crossplay then its just asking for something to be supported while its already being supported which just makes no sense to me. In response to the Sony being the hold out which is why this has not come to be then I can understand because they are a business thats want to encourage people to pay for and play their colsoles and games. I honestly have no interest in playing against someone on a PS4 and really don’t see the point in it. Maybe one day there will only ever be one console and one console only that has every game and what not but right now its make a choice, play a game. If it happens then fine and if it doesn’t then fine because I made my choice on consoles and am happy enough with it and if Sony don’t want to take part in crossplay then its no skin off my back because I can still play their games (last of us 2 can’t wait) and wouldn’t hold it against them.


Thank you for your comment. I do too detest hackers. I actually make a strong effort to go out of my way to make sure people who truly are hacking get penalized. Fortunately it’s incredibly difficult to hack Windows Store Games. Which includes Gears of War 4. Is it possible? Yes, but highly unlikely. I wouldn’t ever worry about hackers in Gears of War. I think the bigger problem you’re dealing with is the ranking system not appreciating players enough. Hacking is never permitted on any platform so I don’t think it’s fair to make franchise decisions based off of something that already isn’t allowed.


I didn’t mean to give the impression that Xbox exclusives would cross over. But you and me have the same thought process that Cross-Play with already Multi-Platform games would be great. And I too have heard that Sony is being difficult when it comes to Cross-Play.


Don’t worry, I don’t consider conflicting opinions as an attack.

I posted here because as I mentioned in my initial comment I think Gears of War would be the best way for Xbox as a platform to really make a push for Cross-Play with other games if it turns out to be successful and warranted here. Xbox does have major ties with this franchise. Perhaps other platforms like Sony will take notice that gamers want this was my point as well.

If you pull the end of a string the rest follows. It starts with one of Microsoft’s biggest IP. Gears of War.

As far as your idea of already supporting something that currently exists. My answer to that is, although Cross-Play is an option in Gears of War, it’s highly unliked for reasons that I tried to debunk. More people need to enable it. There’s this idea floating around that PC’s don’t belong for a list of reasons that I disproved in my initial comment.

When you mention that you made your choice when it comes to buying platforms, I see your point however it’s very anecdotal. Yes people have favorites over consoles but there’s no take away when it comes to merging online match-making. All that does it prolong the life of any game you desire to play. For instance; If Cross-Play wasn’t already a feature in Gears of War 4, the PC community would be so dead I might as well uninstall it. I will never find a match. Period. This is why I give Cross-Play so much praise because when implemented correctly it literally saves games for some people. Not too mention half my friends play CoD on PlayStation so me an others cannot play the same games with our friends. I hear this story all the time with so many other gamers.

If companies want to keep their exclusives to stay in competition with each then fine. But there’s no reason we don’t have Multi-Play Cross-Play.

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I understand people don’t want to play against PC players and mostly it is because of myths like the mouse offers an advantge for aiming and what not as well as aimbots even though they are few and I mean few and it only really takes one bad apple to spoil it all and could honestly could care less but I think the big one, don’t know how true it is, is because console users pay for a game and pay to play it online while PC users do not have to pay for a subscription. True or false? I don’t know but I would see it pop up the odd time but never really got into it and do correct me if I am wrong but one of the reasons I am here is to learn from other players and talk about different things even if we can never see eye to eye I still respect a difference of opinion no matter how far it goes … well as long as it doesn’t go too far if you know what you mean.

I honestly don’t see this cross platform thing coming to pass and like I stated before if it does happen then fine and if it doesn’t thats fine by me but like I said it is a business whether we like it or not because once you are getting gamers to your console then its all money in the pocket but hey maybe majority of PS4 will start calling for it but right now I just don’t see it happening.

As well as with games available across platforms like BF or COD, which will probably be the only cross platform games we will ever play if they keep exclusives, they are still getting the gamers online and still have a decent population on both xbox and PS. From old games to new they are still getting gamers into their lobbies regardless of how old they are. Recently played Gears 3 and it came up that their were over 3000 players playing which covers campaign, Horde and VS. Once a game is supported by the DEV and the console then the population will maintain until a new game or something better comes along.


Yes one bad apple can ruin someones experience but I like to look at the bigger picture and not let anecdotal instances dictate the outcome for the rest of the community.

And as far as I’m aware PC users do not have to pay subscription fees to play Windows Store Games which I can see to be unfair seeing as they are getting the same online services that Xbox users are paying for. However this still doesn’t impose problems with Cross-Play. I will like to mention that PC users still have to buy the operating system. Although it’s only a one time fee. Still, it doesn’t negatively impact Cross-Play. Its just annoying to know PC users don’t have to pay for Xbox live.

And I too as well believe Cross-Play will only come to games like Cod or BF in regards to consoles only. And yes population is still high enough to find games but that doesn’t solve friends being not being able to play together on different consoles. And there are some not so popular games out there with a very low population.

All in all, I think we should enable Cross-Play here in Gears 4

Its just that sense that seems to come around everytime someone is done in by a PC player so they go for aimbot. Of course I am only judging by the posts I have seen from PC players who have posted on this forum where their rep was destroyed purely because they are PC player and others would assume they are aimbots as well as hearing other players over the headset in VS claiming aimbot even though it was a fair game.

As for the subscription. I do believe it is a negative impact on crossplay, at least on this game, because if you have someone who does have to pay for online and someone who doesn’t it creates a divide. It is rather unfair to expect players to pay and play with other who get it for free. Sure even Phil Spencer’s twitter blew up with backlash when he announced crossplay between xbox and PC because of the fees and players felt like it something being forced on them. I am all for crossplay and don’t really care about controller VS mouse but my stance is either we all pay to play online or no one does.

Sure it is handy to play with friends if I am an Xbox and they are PS but from a business stand point the seperation of players is a good way to bring people over because from the amount of people I talked to about what consoles they play and what not majority went with their friends over to such and such just purely for the fact that they can play with friends which is money towards PS or Xbox. I went for what suited me but see the appeal of moving because of friends or what has the best exclusive games.

From what I can see, from this game, crossplay was a failure probably because it wasn’t propperly done or maybe because of the reason I listed above but, judging from the old froums, a lot of players turned it off and never trurned it back on.

I think people naturally look for something to blame when they lose so they thing to the PC isn’t fair narrative even though evidence shows its not really true.

I mean, it does matter if they’re sniping to be honest but that’s about it. On other games though PC inputs are far superior than controllers.

I would support it if I didn’t get connection issues every time I play with cross-play enabled. I get spikes in my connection where my ping suddenly goes from ~40ms up to 200+ for a few seconds several times per match. This doesn’t happen when I play with cross-play disabled.
I also seem to experience more sponging/connectivity issues when I play in the same lobby with PC players. Sponging happens without cross-play too, so I can’t say for sure whether the amount of sponging I’ve experienced with PC players is caused by cross-play itself or if I’ve just come across spongy PC players. But the lag spikes definitely do happen because of the cross-play feature. It’s happened to me every single match I’ve played with cross-play enabled so I find it hard to believe it’s just coincidence.

I play games that I enjoy and I simply cannot enjoy playing a game the slightest if my connection gets so inconsistent. So I’m sorry, but I can’t support cross-play for that reason.

While it may seem that way, from my perspective the “free subscription” is the fair compensation for us PC players that have to endure Windows 10, the Windows Store and the Xbox App. Win 10 has no privacy settings and forces updates whether we like them or not (usually breaking something in the process), the store crashes on a regular basis, has terrible download speeds and has serious problems when it comes to “total download size” since it makes mistakes all the time. The xbox app? it crashes all the time, sends invites and messages via mailman (some take a few minutes to arrive, others 15-20 minutes and most never arrive at all), and the voice chat can be awesome or terrible at the same time.

So yeah, it’s only fair compensation.

Where is the downvote button when you need it.

I understand the problems PC players face when it comes to the store and to be clear I have no problem with PC players just in case someone takes this the wrong way but my stance remains that either everyone pays or no one pays. To me, it is just wrong to force console users to pay and allow another community to play for free and share the same field. Fair enough about your compensation point but I pay for my inernet and multiplayer and if I don’t then I can’t play online while on the other side all you need is your internet and just almost any game (understand xbox exclusives use xbox only) can be taken online with or without the xbox app.

Pretty weak reasoning. Makes no sense regardless of outside circumstances for one group to pay and the other not.

The only valid “excuse” would be that Microsoft hasn’t come up with something comparable to “Games with Gold” for PC.

Oh no, it wasn’t meant to be free. Xbox Play Anywhere is just a rebrand of Games for Windows Live, which was a paid service at the beginning. Truly Xbox Live Gold on PC.

Anyway, in my opinion, pay to play online is ridiculous. I stopped Xbox Live Gold years ago (just enjoyed the 1€ for a month last year) and never subscribed to PlayStation Plus. There’s always an issue with their servers.

But is is free to play online?

The main reason I continue to pay my yearly subscription is because of the games with gold program and thats pretty much it because now with backwards compatibility I get 4 games a month and fair enough some are bad and some are good but I have gotten a lot of game I was going to buy for free even though in a way it is not free which has saved me a rather large amount of money and can be seen as the upside to paying. Downside is I have to pay to play online, pay my internet bill and most, if not all, games with gold won’t play unless I have said subscription.

Yes it is, I just pointed the original purpose of cross-play (PC players had to pay like any console players). Service was trash, cross-play games weren’t popular enough, too far behind Steam, so Microsoft cut the subscription pretty fast.

I remember hearing something about that when it first came around but never really payed much attention because I wasn’t gaming in PC. Just going for clarity there :+1:

Weak reasoning? maybe you don’t understand what you’re paying for in the first place. The gold subscription pays for the infrastructure required to run online gaming, there is a system that puts everything together and it was specifically made for the xbox console.

So what happens on PC? That same system and infrastructure is called Windows 10 and I already paid for it and continue to do so by buying overpriced digital content sold by Microsoft.

It’s not about you’re right and I’m wrong or viceversa, we have two different systems that used to be unique and now are forced to coexist.

But due to the treatment given by TC to PC players, I’ll have to buy a console if I expect to moderately enjoy Gears 5.