Supply potential, and different tiers of content

So first off I wanna say supply was a great addition to this game. I gotta give it to tc on this one. It’s Rng for people who loved the supply packs and it’s even fun for people who hated supply packs.

With them constantly adding to supply every week and currently looking for ways to show off banners more (source: developer stream) supply should always be exciting.

As of right now supply has not reached its potential, but like I always say with this game. I feel they are just getting the weapon swap executions and boring stuff out of the way. If we show them positive feedback on this then they will know to spend more time on it.

I see complaints on grinding and exclusive skin pricess which is uncderstandable to some degree. That’s why we need to push supply more.

Supply is a grey area that should be used to put random skins and cosmetics that aren’t worth buying or grinding for. Delivery driver Mac imo should be a supply skin. Not worth grinding or buying it’s just a fun random skin.

I will give examples of how it should be imo

Tour of duty skins/ Medal skins:
-Recruit Clayton

  • commando Dom
  • mechanic Baird
  • v day baird
  • e day Oscar

Store bought skins (prices undetermined)

  • chrome steel sets
  • aape now
  • Batista
  • esports support weapon skins
  • mlg team themed weapons
  • jace
  • Arron griffon
  • Halo characters

Supply skins
-delivery Mac

  • islander Lahni
  • luchador Oscar
  • zombie characters
  • Color rush characters
  • big rig dizzy
    -old man Hoffman
    -holiday skins

I’m using a lot of gears 4 content just as examples to show the different tiers of content.
Supply should be used for all things with no selling point and aren’t worth grinding. That’s how you get players excited because when something for their fav character is added to supply (no matter how dumb) it will keep supply fun after every match. I would not put a price tag on gag skins that are a joke.

Keep esports paid for, Make the best skins a grind, keep joke skins fun and easy for everyone as they are not in high demand. Using this method I believe will keep everyone happy. Thoughts?