Superbowl predictions?

Pats fans are delusional.

It doesnt help that most of them are Boston folk.

Mac has a good season and everyone wants to compare him to Brady.

Did alot of your fans go to the Buccs fan base LOL!

The Bills are going to hopefully be playing good since they wanna play for Tre Davious White since hes out for the rest of the season

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Oh yep lol.

Personally… I’m a new pats fan. I started liking them after the Seahawks and Pats superbowl.

I’m not really attached to Brady all that much, I’m a NE fan first and foremost, and I respect the legacy that he left. I’m hoping that Mac stays because I’d love to see him grow with the team, Bill definitely has his type as hes as mobile as a snail but hes got a good arm.

I look forward to seeing him grow. Hence why I dont see him going to the superbowl, our games against Tampa and Dallas show we can hang with the big dogs, but I’m not convinced we can actually win. Our next 3 games will determine that. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

For the people that left NE… were they ever NE fans to begin with?

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One team will end up winning it this year.

That’s a hot take right there :flushed:

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Football Americano or Football EverywhereElse-O?
That is my goto for clarifying which.

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Dom in football gear

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Any team but the patriots

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Bradys gone though.


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It’s Big Mac time :smirk::flushed::triumph:


Bill is still there tho :wink:

Hes probably gonna be coaching for another 5 or so years.

His son will take the mantle afterwards.

Hes gonna get Mac and the boys in check and move to his private island :joy:

Of course. I figured his son would most likely take over… it’s game day for us :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want to be in your stadium, no offense but I dont trust your fanbase :joy:

You guys wear your throwback unis today no?

I’m not even sure… I think the fans are bringing white towels cuz of what happened to Tre 'Davious White. The fan base is crazy no matter what

I saw something about that, wish we were wearing our red unis this year but at least we get to bring them back next year :sunglasses:

I’ve seen pats fans eat big macs for post game celebration :joy: it’s becoming a thing, and I’m probably gonna participate too.

Small thing I’ve noticed too.

Our throwback unis are red, but in the revolutionary war, “Patriots” never wore red, British soldiers wore red. Giving them the nickname “Redcoats”.

Kinda unsure why we wear red if we are going by history, but we look fire in them so I’m just gonna let that slide lol.

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I think you mean Yankee Sportsballs :crazy_face:

Down here in the South, we don’t abide the overpaid divas. We enjoy watching our college kids bashing their brains in to prep for the big leagues.


Almost game time :wink: