Superbowl predictions?

Basically the title above.

I know it’s a bit early but is there any matchups you’d like to see? Any you dont want to see?

The only match-up I wanna see is me and @Ultra_Gnasty


Unfair. He’d sweep you faster then you can blink.


Not that kind of matchup. But what you said is true.


I only speak facts.

Like how I doubt the Pat’s are going to the superbowl this year.

I have spoken.

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I only watch NBA and WWE. I know nothing about NFL, American Football.

I’ve only recently gained an interest in the NFL, I watched games here and there but now I’m actually trying to learn about the sport.

Never watched a full NBA game, mainly because it doesnt interest me. I used to like WWE but it was because of the videogames lol.

My friend wicked has an unhealthy obsession with a really bad football team. Im sure she would like to talk about it.

Is it the Bills??? :face_with_monocle:

They are actually good this year, but we play them tomorrow so Bills slander until then :smirk:

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Yeah the Bills. Like I said i don’t know anything I just like giving her sh*t because shes one of those sports fan that get legitimately upset when their favorite team loses, like their whole day is ruined at that point. Lol

I better see a jersey that says “Mineman” on the back out there in the field then.

I got that way when my pats lost to the Cowboys.

I knew at that point that I was a true fan.

We arent playing at home though :persevere:

Plus I live on the west coast… it’s kinda hard to travel that far to watch one of their games.

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I’m from England, so I’m assuming you mean “soccer.”

American Football isn’t Soccer. Which is why I called it “American Football” since regular football is something else for the rest of the planet.

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I don’t think theres anything else called “football”. Except for American football and the rest of the world football.

Baffled as to why there needs to be a explanation.

Ahh, I see.

We can talk division winner :slight_smile: the 2nd game at Pats stadium will most likely determine who wins the division

Oh yeah for sure! I really haven’t been keeping tabs on you guys but from your standings you seem solid.

We beat a crippled Titans team, a wins a win but I’m positive our game if the Titans were healthy would’ve been more tooth and nail.

I’m not that bad I don’t jump into tables ha

Why do they jump through tables?

cuz they are crazy and drunk and from New York and stupid Idk