Super tough this season KOTH

Admittedly I haven’t been playing as much the last month or so but I’ve noticed it is pretty tough finding a match in KOTH.

I’m not patient enough most of the time to wait more than 3 minutes while solo before retrying the queue, so I’ve actually yet to find a match by myself.

PC 5 stack runs into same issue.

PC and console mix takes a bit longer than last season but much faster than solo or PC only.

I do know some of the console groups I play with don’t like to play with me as much as they used to because once I join they open themselves up to playing against other PCs. Some of those players really don’t like that. (regardless of the truths and facts of PC advantage/disadvantage argument, there’s a pretty bad bias against the PC community… Bad juju, if you will)

I wonder if the population dropped significantly after season or if more consoles turned off crossplay.

I sure hope they lock down a resolution for 5…


Yeah same. Haven’t found a KOTH game all season. When they announced that they were testing having stricter requirements for 5-stacks and therefore longer queue times, I was thinking okay… But why is it also impossible to find games now if you’re not even 5-stacked? I feel like they did something else too because it was such a sudden change


As per my thread,

For PC EU players, it’s literally impossible to find a game as:

5 - forget even searching.

TC have killed this for low population regions and they don’t care whatsoever.

The only solution to their stricter MM is to have a timer so it reverts back to normal after 0-5 mins or have a toggle which lets people opt for Stricter MM or Fastest MM.

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^I’d like an included lobby count for each mode as well.

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I’d be interested to see how many lobbies were completed in EU since this “new MM” …

I just asked them about this in the live stream and could not be more disgusted with their out of touch answer.
They claimed it’s only affecting PC players in certain regions and very high level players. And, that waiting an hour to find a match is “just the reality” of playing in a 5 stack. This game is not good enough that ANY of my friends would wait an hour to play it. Not even the friends that are D5. We don’t wait more than 5min and most of the time we won’t wait more than 3 before switching to another mode or another game.

TC makes it out to be that this is only affecting diamond stacks.We had 2 onyx, a silver, and 2 unranked unable to find a match for 15min last night but we got other modes in 2 min.

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The Coalition clearly couldn’t care less about the PC community as well as the EU community.

The decisions they make and the silence thereafter proves it.

So many people in a situation that TC has created and yet there is no open discussion or communication on the matter and no solution in sight.

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They said there is one guy (“node”?) who makes these decisions. Are you kidding me?
That’s how everything feels in this game. Like there’s one person in charge of each dept and there are no balances to make sure that quality decisions are made.

I’m not even big on 5-stacking KOTH, have only started doing it recently. But, I quickly saw a change in being able to get matches and I’m not in a diamond PC stack. The stupidest thing is that it went from very fair matchmaking to zero matchmaking. It’s not like we were just stomping solo players. The win/loss was actually worse then when I solo queue.

Ryan Cleven (NodeZero) is the Design Director for MP I believe, He features in the Dev Stream videos sometimes.

It’s ridiculous that one person would make a decision affecting an entire Region plus that Community and even after everyone has spoken out agaisnt it - TC remain silent on the subject.

It’s just ridiculous that someone can think that 2+ years later into the games lifecycle when it already has a low population that you would now introduce Stricter Matchmaking??

Like surely save that for Gears 5 when you have a population to sustain it?

I would love to see TC devs sit in the menus for an hour per match!

Or even 2+ hours and then still not find any games and see if it’s acceptable…

Like I said, it’s not hard to revert to fastest match after 0-5 mins of searching (even that feels like forever when other games get you in matches within 1 minute or less) or allow a toggle for people to choose stricter MM.

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wow just play solo or with a duo whatever lmfao. surely playing with a bozo on your team is better than not playing at all. unless youre on pc of course…then good luck

This makes zero sense.

Huh? None of that made sense.
Yes, I’m fully aware that I can play solo KOTH, which is what I often do as a warm-up or for practice. However, many of us have friends that we play games with, not necesarily for a competitive advantage, but simply because we like hanging out with other people (a lot of people here don’t get this concept). The changes in matchmaking mean that if I’m online with friends, we can’t play KOTH. Telling my friends, “Sorry guys, KOTH is more important than hanging out with you so I gotta go solo.” is not an option. My friends range from B 1 to D5 and I don’t care about their rank, I just like to chat with them.

I also know sweaty players who don’t like to run without a 5th because of the chronic quitting problem so they will even pick up a silver player, just to avoid the possibility of quitters. I’m actually ok with randoms but I respect that some people prefer to make sure that they aren’t handicapped in a match. The new system makes it much harder for them to find matches too, even though all they are trying to do is fix the quitting issue by having a group of 5.

Ironically, I rarely run into diamond stacks when I solo queue so it feels like the new rules are pandering to a small audience.

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Well that’s fcked up response…

I was sitting solo for literal 10 minute slots in the middle of the day, cst.

I found 1 game.

Anymore good suggestions ?


I don’t have any issues finding matches but just putting it out there I have Cross-Play On

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