Super speed/players running ridiculously fast

I know i cant be the only one noticing some players especially in TDM running ridiculously faster than others. If this is a fps issue then this needs balancing cause i shouldnt see someone speed run past 3 teammates taking fire and then come at me with one shot when they turn around.

The game needs alot of work smh and that last update feels like it sorta made it worse than what it was imo.

But yea, anyone else experience this?

I do suspect theres a PVE issue occuring in PVP.

Say you played Kait in horde or Lahni in Escape… Adding all kinds of speed boost and such. Then switching to PVP… Well my guess is that something stays on your character. just a little speculation.

And Theres speed boost when you perform an UP-A ( take cover and instantly keep running, no shooting in this case).

To many modes that makes this game inconsistent