Super powered in Versus!? What is going on!?

Has anybody played in Versus, against players that don’t get downed or run faster than everyone else on screen? I’m not talking about the “Hot Foot” perk for Lizzie and Kantus either. I’m talking about players running around like they upped their speed perk to x10 in Horde, and carried it over to vs. Let me say that I know how to play the game. This is not a rant because I’m a newb or a scrub. I just don’t see how 1 player, out of the 10 that are onscreen, is moving faster than my entire team. Hell, he was faster than the other 4 people on his team! One of my friends told me that there is a boost that you can get from wall bouncing but, I have seen players sprint clear cross a map in 4 seconds, without touching a wall!! I have also seen people playing as an overpowered Marcus Fenix. Saw my girl hit him with 2 gnasher shots close range and he was getting hit with a lancer by someone else yet, she gets killed and then Marcus proceeds to kill the other player as well. Blood for Bullets doesn’t make you invincible, it just gives you a health boost. FYI: my girl had BFB too because she was a Speaker. Someone explain?

Weird things happen in arcade mode

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LOL!!! Preach!!

Weird or Broken?

Yeah in terms of speed that’s probably the perk that let’s you move faster when being shot.

As for the Marcus thing, that’s kinda just Marcus / Speaker in arcade doing what they usually do

It’s like you didn’t read the original post:

Kait and the Swarm Hunter have increased base speed.

Do you have a video?
I have seen something like that but just for short periods of time due to server lag or players with 1 ms ping.

I will get some footage of this

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