Super Armor In Gridiron

Why is nobody in these forums talking about how much extra health somebody gets while downed on gridiron? You light people up, then the super Armor kicks in and it takes a whole extra clip to kill somebody who’s been downed. Nobody finds this to be a problem? Another problem. Why did TC revert the flash as a pickup? What’s the reasoning? Is it because the brain dead players with no real skills complained that much about it? If that’s the case. Revert the spawning with hammer burst option since we need all need easy mode for online.

The extra damage resistance is proportionate to how far away you are.

Unsure, I don’t believe this was ever explained why it was brought back. Community feedback is helping to determine balance of it moving forward.

The problem is that there isn’t enough armor. Execution rules would be better.

But it’s better than nothing.

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Isn’t enough armor? You’re kidding right? I get somebody down… Shot him with 4 boltok shots… He crawls away. That’s not enough armor? Super Armor shouldn’t be in the game period. It’s another crutch for bum players.

It could be argued also that sitting in cover with a pina colada and a lancer upping your k/d is a crutch for bum players

I like that it takes a long time to finish a down from across the map. As I said I would prefer execution rules.


I kind of agree with you tbh, execution rules is nice for most objective based game modes.

Flashes were massively nerfed before they brought them back. They stun for 2 or 3(?) seconds now and barely affect your visuals.
Oh, and the range was reduced as well.

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Very true, but there was little call for them to return even in a nerfed state, and there are still issues with players appearing stunned to one client but not actually being stunned.

Personally I am not fussed with them in or out of the game.

The nerf means nothing when you get flashed 3 times back to back and pushed by shotgun heroes… Like I said. Bring the hammer burst spawn back.