Sup with the Servers!?

The last 2 ranked KOTH matches I played, everyone in the rooms ping kept jumping from their regular pings of 20s-60s to 600-1000. It would happen all throughout the match, with the connection issue icons at the bottom right. I thought it was a weird fluke on Blood Drive, so I played another game, and the same thing happened on Canals.

I know it wasn’t just me, because everyone was in chat complaining about it. Checking the scoreboard it’d be at our regular pings for a few seconds, then at the 600-1000s for a few minutes, alternating throughout the entire match. It was literally unplayable, constantly being teleported back in time and rubberbanding insanely.

What’s going on?





I’d just like to let you know that all 10 of you need to contact your ISP immediately. Our servers, which are operated by Microsoft, are the best in the business and never have any issues whatsoever. Please stop going cheap on networking equipment and consider buying a top of the line modem that supports up to 56K speeds for a consistent experience.

Thank you for your inquiry. We now consider this ticket closed.

-TC Support


What region are you in? They may have adjusted the pool range - I’m EU only had 1 game so far which was above the 100 ping but that was in the early hours of the morning and took about 5 minutes to match

I’m US East, supposedly one of the most populated regions. I am on PC though, but this has never happened before to this extent.

I guess everyone in the EU was just tripping when the perfect servers were down for like a month at launch :thinking:

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I do have around every 4-5 games I end up on the wrong servers where everyone will be on 100+ ping, I think it’s fixable but it does throw me off :joy:

Servers are still angry at TC for removing ranked TDM

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Bring back tdm