Sunday, 5:25PM GMT. Absolutely zero FFA lobbies in the EU

How has it gotten worse again? I can’t find a single EU FFA lobby during primetime on a sunday. I simply don’t believe there’s literally noboby in the entire EU playing FFA. Could this please get an actual fix for once? Playing this game on 80+ ping is borderline masochistic.

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It took a few minutes to find a match today US East.

I think it’s just slower matchmaking for ffa.

I have experienced this with Gridiron too. Took me 35 minutes two days ago to find a match. I was only playing ranked to win the ToD medals, which I have now thankfully completed.

I found 5 FFA matches yesterday. Judging from the ping I was definately not on the EU servers. First 2 took about 10 minutes to find a lobby and then the last 3 were 30 to 40 minutes to find.

Probably because people moved on?

Post Gears 2 it has never had a big EU following. Which is why I usually end up playing PVE.

Even in the US it takes much longer than normal to find a match in FFA. Not surprised it’s totally dead in the EU. I get the sense that most of the EU in general is on PlayStation anyway.