Summer gamesfest/Xbox showcase hopes

Other than the collection is there anything you hope to see this weekend?

I honestly can’t think of anything I want that is almost impossible though haha. I would love a new killer instinct though

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I would love to see more footage of Eiyuden (not 100 heroes, the turn-based upcoming one).

Elder Scrolls VI info
An actual trailer for RE4 Remake, not just a teaser but that will probably be at at the Capcom showcase.

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Fallout 76s “Pitt” expansion. I havent seen a lick of info on it since they teased it last year.

Is it a new map? Daily ops new map?

I’d also appreciate just anything pertaining to Fallout tbh.

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fallout greymineman 152

I hope there some sort of rts type of games

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Its basically Daily Ops in a new location but with no time constraints, according to the public test server crowd. Kinda underwhelming. I am looking forward to Energy Weapons finally being balanced/buffed, apparently a coding error with damage calculation caused it to be lackluster this entire time.

Extremely underwhelming. They teased that for a whole year and all we get is a daily op.

Tbh though I’m totally unsure why they even went with the Pitt in the first place. Theres no rhyme or reason to it.

Whenever fallout had DLCs, they usually were around the area that the game was based in.

Ex: Fallout 4 is based in Boston. Nuka World takes inspiration from Hershey world in Springfield, MA and I’m guessing that nuka is meant to be in Springfield. Not to mention the tram that you take to Nuka is on the west side of the map. Springfield is in western Mass while Boston is in northeastern Mass.

Far Harbor is off the coast of Maine, Maine and Massachusetts are somewhat close together. But once again, makes sense.

Pittsburgh is kinda far from West Virginia, not to mention why wouldnt they just do something in DC instead? I’d rather visit DC 25 years after the bombs dropped than Pittsburgh 15 years later. Makes zero sense for the Brotherhood or the Enclave to be there. But the brotherhood even existing in 76 makes ZERO sense to begin with.

Anyways I got off topic. I guess I’m not going back to 76 anytime soon.

I’m glad to hear that, ballistics were the way to go.

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Halo Infinite Campaign DLC – Halo: The Endless
Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign
Halo Infinite Forge

Looking to see Kojima’s rumored horror game. Any fighting game announcements would be also be tight. And of course the rumored Gears collection would be cool too I suppose.

That was REALLY disappointing

Hmm. No Gears news, and it seems like AI: The Somnium Files NI won’t be on Game Pass.

But hey. We got ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Persona. I’ll take it.

Incidentally, i wanted Persona 5, hoping this means its coming to PC as well.


What did they talk about? I didnt watch the showcase.

Stuff like Diablo IV, Forza, Hollow Knight, Overwatch 2, Persona, etc. They also showed a bunch of new games, and they ended it by showing off Starfield.

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Ah so nothing interesting for me :upside_down_face:

Appreciate it, I felt bad asking because I could literally just search it up :joy:

I might have missed something there, but yeah, that’s about it.

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I was mainly expecting gears. All the games that I’m excited for have already been announced, Fallen Order 2, Gotham Knights, sigh MW2 (2022).