Summary of PvP nerfs coming in today, with percentages

In my opinion all of those guns were stupid powerful to begin with, so good. We don’t need OP pistols as spawn pick ups in gears, or smgs. The claw was ****ing obscene. I’m fine with these. I don’t know if the gnasher has been changed but it felt different yesterday when I played.

I wasn’t a huge fan of gears 4 because of the core settings they were also bad particularly the gnasher and of course the Lancers. The competitive playlist was much better.

As far as gears 5 goes I’m fine with them nerfing un fun guns that were too powerful to begin with. I wouldn’t mind a gnasher nerf too (while removing the terrible delays) to make the gnasher battles more fun. Just my 2 cents.

Lol, statement 1 totally explains statement 2…

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So…you don’t like this game because of what changes TC made but you think TC will make a good remake of the others?

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well, to be honest, I liked GoW4 PvP, and that was TC…

so they ARE able to do a good (IMO) game… they just have to CHOOSE to do so… and give up on this stupid idea that they just need to change EVERYTHING about the game, to make it ‘their own’, and people will still flock to it…

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So TC had the stance to make other weapons viable in Gears 4.

They said numerous times that the game didn’t keep new players because they would load in, get gnashered in the face a few times and quit.

Isn’t that all we will have now?


Gears 5 pvp has felt off from the get go.

From the little I’ve played, it made me miss Gears 4, which I felt I was actually good at.

I may try the new tuning, but that also means dealing with the horribly unbalanced teams and quitters again.

I know, right?

I’m ok with the snub nerf. ROF is too high.
Also ok with sniper nerf and Overkill nerf. I guess the claw nerf is fine too even though they barely put it in PVP. It was pretty OP

Some of the other ones I don’t get. Why nerf the Talon ,Boltok , Markza and Enforcer? Most people don’t use any of them to begin with. Now they are even worse . If anything theses should all get a slight buff. People would make a play for them and actually fight for them if they were good weapons. That would change up the gameplay. Mostly they just sit there unused. Except I did get a rad headshot with the Boltok yesterday. Splat!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
No fun allowed!

Wby not nerf everything so you have to be literally inside someone to kill them…

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Could have also just Ctrl+F on the webpage and search for “reduced”, would have come up with basically the same results. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m sure the guns won’t kill anyone at all. Maybe the problem is the players who want to get easy kills with OP guns. Regardless of anything like the weapon balance gears 5 isn’t in a good place at all, so there’s that.

I didn’t kill a lot of people with the previous tuning. Kills dont come easy when you play at higher levels.

On the flip side maybe you need a the game to be slower in order to get kills…

Lol didn’t mention movement in my previous post only the weapon balance. I think the damage the guns give might have more to do with easy kills than small changes in movement speed though. When you have OP guns and mechanics to appease noobs, experienced players also can and will take advantage of those same things. What high levels are you referring to? Apparently the high level players like the new tunings.

The funny thing is, that would happen with ANY weapon setting/tuning/selection… If you put a totally new player into a match with experienced players, they will always get killed… Always…
Gnasher in the face… Lancer in the back… Frags at the feet… Boomshot/Dropshot from around the corner… Longshot from across the maps…etc, etc, etc…

So, hey, here’s a thought… maybe don’t do that, eh? Maybe DON’T put new, bronze players into a match with Onyx players, eh??

But no… that’s match making… that’s HARD to do… much easier to keep changing damage numbers on weapons, keeping the hope alive that one day they might hit , by pure random luck, onto a tuning which allows noobs to survive and thrive against experienced players…

Good luck with that…


It’s some of the laziest logic I’ve ever seen.

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I feel you , but Gears 4 works fine, even when i have to play mehican servers 160-170 ping , and G4 player count is up and rising , so i’m little confuse do i have to complain or thank to TC :smile:

Thats why you’re still seeing people find lobbies in four. Koth on four is still wildly popular.

The same story continues…

Spanish speaking countries are supporting this game. Big drops everywhere else.

US: : 33

Canada : - 34

UK: - 35

Germany: - 31

France: - 23

Russia: - 27

Australia: - no longer in 50

Brazil - - 35

Portugal - - 20

Spain: - 11

Argentina - - 22

Columbia: - 8

Mexico: - 6, with GoW4 at #26

Might as well appeal to the larger demographic