Suggestions to fix the LEAVERS problem

Is impossible to have a “Competitive-Game” with the amount of Leavers Gears 5 have.

Gears 5 is an amazing game. I adore the graphics, the gameplay, the lore, the characters, the music and yes the competitive-nature itself.

Do not allow the Leavers & Trolls ruin your game im gona “Toss” you some suggestions to fix that

  • Ask for SMS verification to play “Competitive”. So yeah you can have 5 profiles on your XBOX/PC but only the ones are verified with SMS will be able to play competitive.

  • Create Diamond & Master “Characters & weapons skins”. “This already exist but im asking for a new ones that felt very special”. This will serve as incentive to playerbase you “Try-Hard” the games.

Diamond weapons 3000 points “Set”
Diamond Skin 3000 points “Single-Character”
Master weapons 4500 points “Set”
Master Skin 4500 points “Single-character”

Winning a game will give you 30 points and winning with excellent performance 45 points. Losing the game will earn you zero points to avoid “Afk-Farmers” or “Soft-Throwers-farmers”.

  • Leavers penalties will be based on the “HARDWARE” of your XBOX/PC not profile but the penalties will be LESS severe.

5 Leaves per profile at week will be allowed.

Leaver penalty will start with 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 240 minutes, 480 minutes and “Next reset the monday on that profile on a new profile keep the 480 minutes x5 times”. This “Timer-penalties” will be based “HARDWARE-BAN”.

Pedrito profile already quit 5 times on the week he can’t play anymore until the monday.
Pablito profile will start with 480 minutes every quit he does sadly. If pablito win x10-15 games his leaver penaly will be reduced to 30 minutes for Sportmanship

Do not allow the LEAVERS kill your GAME TC. Is necessary you put discipline on your COMPETITIVE-SCENE.

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Will I get a survey text asking how my match was when I quit?


Yes but its 150 gp, 500gc or 30 iron. If ur really lucky 10 scrap.


Of course you will. The game will inform to you. How you lose x2 amount of GP and your Hardware is banned the next 30 minutes. Also you will start get paired with Leavers like you only.


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Wow I love the amount of options. That’s so nice if they do that

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That’s not really much of a survey at that point.

U can also increase the questions if u increase the cost👍

Or ip ban be for “x” days would be healthier too.

I agree with you.


I have a good one Disable map voting or just take bloodrive and checkout out of the options. It’s crazy how many players drop out of games when those two maps are chosen.

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