Suggestions for quitting

I see we are not satisfied with the amount of quitters in Gears of War 4, so any suggestions on how TC should handle these people?

I say the losing team gets 5x the amount of credits.

That makes no sense, if people quit they are most likely going to be on the losing the team, you’re saying they deserve to be rewarded for quitting? or the people that don’t quit? Please specify.

I’ve always said, they should group quitters together. We now know they can and do track them, they can certainly move them to the back of the line in matchmaking and also put them in lobbies with other players of ill repute.


exactly even though they lost they get 5x the credits. It would be a nice incentive to not quit.

I hope you are being sarcastic lol, what’s the point of trying to win if you get more credits for losing :rofl:

No I’m not. Obviously harsher penalties aren’t working so I say we try something different. The winning team goes up in rank and the losing team gets a consolation prize.

They get consolation for not being good enough to win? Makes no sense and the developers wouldn’t do anything like this I’m sorry but to me it just seems so stupid.

It may be but I at least tried coming up with an idea. What would be your suggestion to deter people from quiting?

nah, i don’t agree with the extra credits for them. maybe, what if, the team mates that quit on you, they don’t ever get to be on your team again. like the game registers them as people to “avoid” . just an idea.

They could just make up another account. Cover up one hole and another pops up.

If someone quits they should start having a temporary xp and credit ban on all modes, preventing them from missing out on it. Or the more consistently someone quits then it should take away % from their rank.

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It’s obviously not working anyhow, why else can you quit to menu at any time now in a game?

You know what would stop people from quitting …a game that works. People aren’t quitting because they don’t wanna lose. People are quitting because they’re tired of the other team sponging shots. So my solution is to fix the game first then deal with the quitters

Make them play against each other on the “quitter servers.” :smirk:

I think the problem with people being allowed to quit is that they can play immediately afterward or switch to a new game and come back when their ban is up.

So first of all, give a quit penalty for even the first time offenders. If your power shuts off, that’s unfortunate, but now you have to go through a small punishment.

Also, to prevent them from switching games and coming back the next couple hours or day when their ban is up, make it so the ban timer only counts down while they are playing a social playlist dedicated to quitters. Maybe just force them to suffer through some special playlist to prove that they served their sentence properly.

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Drop them in rank.

If you leave a ranked game you drop 1 tier in rank.

From gold 3 25% you go to gold 2 25%.

Plus fix the servers so people aren’t getting booted out.

Sure, there will be cases of power failures,etc, but you cannot address all corner cases, we are talking a high level approach…

I find a lot of the time people quit because they figure they will lise. Well, give them a bigger hit on quitting than if they stayed. If they leave and don’t rejoin by game end, drop them 1 Tier.

I guarantee you a lot of people will think twice before leaving.

I think a false positive 1 tier drop is better than a false positive 1 week suspension …

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They could just make up another account. Cover up one hole and another pops up.

Why not give them a participation trophy then

Make another account, what would that achieve them?