Suggestions for how to deal with quitters

So I was thinking of what could be done to encourage people to finish their matches. Simple time penalties and hits to rank progress don’t seem to be enough and I came up with some ways to possibly solve the quitting issue( or at least to make it less severe ).

Penalties( in addition to already existing ones ):

  1. Have the player exp modifier go to 0 after they quit and refuse to rejoin the match. The modifier would go up every match they’d finish afterwards until it’s back to 1.0.
    Likewise, the modifier could go up for players who regularly finish their matches until it’s around 2.0. This could reset each week or something.

  2. Put quitters into a separate player pool so they’re matched with each other, until they’ve finished enough matches. A certain amount of penalty time could be applied as well( I’m talking about days or weeks, depending on how much the player has quit in the ongoing month. Quit once = 3 days in the “quitter pool”, quit twice = a week in the “quitter pool”, quit 3 times = 2 weeks in the “quitter pool”, etc. ). Finishing matches would get the player out of this pool faster.

  3. Make ranking up harder for someone who quit, until they finish as many matches as they’ve quit in the ongoing month.

Also, a player who disconnects a match but decides to rejoin should not be penalized at all because it’s only everyone’s best interest if people are encouraged to rejoin and finish their match.

If you have some other feasible ways to deal with quitters, please do share them.

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I agree with many of your ideas, but I really don’t think that many people (ESPECIALLY QUITTERS) would like to hear what they are. And if you quit, you certainly shouldn’t be giving advice about how to fix the problem (not that you are),LOL (literally)!!!

Someone shows up to their house and decks them in the face. Dropkicks their X-Box out the window.

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I don’t know which part of my post you got the idea that I may be a quitter, but whatever.

And I acknowledge that the icon suggestion is not very creative. I wrote this thread pretty spontaneously and just kind of wrote ideas off the top of my head.

Now that I think of it, the icon idea is not that great lol. especially considering how toxic Gears community can be in matchmaking. I’m gonna erase that part from the post.

Maybe, my reply was written wrong, so I replied again.

Also, IT’S GAVE YOU THE IDEA. For the record…

Maybe, I wrote it wrong. I like your ideas and I have some of my own but do not share them because some people (especially quitters) don’t want to read them. I don’t think that quitters (not saying that you are one) would be able to give suggestions on how to stop quitting (since they quit).