Suggestions for Gears 5

First off, let me say that I’ve been a Gears player for a decently long period of time; I started with the original Gears of War on Xbox back in January 2012, and have since played GoW 2, 3, Judgment, the remastered GOW 1, and now 4. If I may, I’d like to suggest a handful suggestions for improving Gears 5.

  1. Remove the loot crate BS that arrived in Gears 4. No other Gears game has this, and it’s an absolutely unnecessary addition to the series. If you do decide to include packs for credits, don’t drop duplicate characters or skins. No one wants to open 25 packs and end up with 13 duplicate Embar skins, and at the end of the day, they’re cosmetics. Either bring back the system from Gears 3 where you had to do certain actions to unlock certain characters, or make purchasable packs have individually purchasable skins for credits.

  2. Give players to the option to unlock bounties in private matches against bots. Gonna be honest, I hate multiplayer. I wouldn’t do it if there weren’t achievements for it, and with the introduction of XP/credit bounties, I’m playing game modes I’d normally never even touch. Please, for the love of all that is good, give people the option to unlock bounties without being forced to play with other people. Every time I load up a match, I’m constantly concerned I’ll get matched with a team of people who don’t know how to do the objective (capturing rings in King of the Hill, say whaaaat?), or who run around Gnashering every enemy they can find and make it difficult or next to impossible for other players to even find enemies and get kills. I was planning on working for an hour or two on some of the multiplayer achievements in casual versus co-op in Gears 4, but I left after I was 70 points away from completing my last Guardian bounty when the match ended. After 2 rounds, I had 700 points left to get, which I communicated in a global message to the team, and right as I was about to press RT on the last enemy I needed, one of my teammates popped around the corner and killed the last enemy to finish off the match. I’ve re-uped 4 times thus far, and I would go for 10 but it takes much longer when other players prevent me from completing bounties.

These are just a couple suggestions I feel would help the community as a whole progress and enjoy the game more, and in turn spend more time playing the game. Thanks for reading this to the end :slight_smile:

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