Suggestion to improve RANKED-POINTS

Lets work with the actual ranking-system

Everyone start on bronze then workout the rank is fine my only suggestion.

Can you Limit the amount of “Points obtained/reduced” every match?

If you had a great performance +350/+400 points “Max”
If you had an average performance +200/+250 “Max”
If you had a bad performance -350/-400 “Max”
If you had leaver caps +250/-250

Remove these +1500 points or -1500 points because that really discourage the playerbase. Overwatch ranking system is pretty decent cuz they limit the amount of points you can Win-lose

In overwatch for example. Lets say i have a leaver/Troll. not problem i can deal with my lose is -22 points so i can recover my “cool” to keep going that day. On Gears 5 i had a troll then i lose -1500 points imagine… That truly discourage me cuz i need win 4-6 matches to fix that one


If every game was worth similar scores, 1500 pts here and there wouldn’t matter. Like if that’s just the economy of points it’s not really a lot. It only feels like a lot because other games you ■■■■ >100 pts in either direction.

My weird experience has been…I was stuck in bronze since op2 started (was gold or onyx all through gears 4) and every game was like 40 pts up, 50 down, maybe a 200 pt round somewhere thrown in there. Then this morning I had a three round koth where I gained 1400 in round one alone, lost 1700 in round 2, and gained like 1850 in round three. Like wtf is THAT about, why is one match worth inherently more than another?