Suggestion to change game type/map voting

Hi there,

I often read that Map X is only suitable for Game type Y and so doesn’t get included. I have a suggestion that I think would open out the choice of maps and potentially even weapon placements.

It’s a simple suggestion. Vote gametype first (three choices that randomly rotate) and then vote for the map. Or the other way around.


It sounds like you’re talking about social. It’s supposed to be a fairly carefree mode. That’s why you can run squads in social. No strategy needed with map selection. Just have fun.

I’ve never played ranked as I’m a lone player and don’t fancy playing against stacked teams. Does it work that way in ranked? I had no idea. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in social though.

Thanks for the reply.

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Yes. In ranked you select the mode and then the map. I’d encourage you to give it a try. The placement matches may be rough at times but once you place (meaning the system determines what rank class you should start in) you will be grouped with appropriate teammates and opponents… most of the time.

I find it much more fun than social because the matches are far more balanced. My advice would be not to get too concerned about your rank though. Grinding for rank can really take the fun out of the game, IMO.