Suggestion: show score in ranked mm and have MVP chosen based on it

I think ranked scoreboard should show score instead of GP in ranked lobbies, for a couple of reasons.

Match score better shows how well each player performed, especially with the GP limits per elimination, hill cap, etc.
The solo bonus combined with those GP limits makes the MVP award very inaccurate.

I’m NOT saying solo bonus should be removed. It definitely needs to stay. I’m just saying it makes the MVP award that much more inaccurate when MVP is chosen based on GP.

Players are able to keep track of their GP anyway whenever the GP reward per kill, hill cap or whatever at the time gives you GP appears on your screen. You could even see which GP requirements you had maxed out in the match from start menu.

Having the score appear on the scoreboard instead of GP and having the MVP based on that would only be fair and also, for its part, result in more accurate ranking system as a whole.

There definitely should be more done about the ranking system as well in the future to improve the experience, but this should be an easy adjustment with no downsides (imo). And I believe it would only be reasonable.


Have to agree, its pretty unfair if someone gets mvp based on playing solo.

They also have to change the spawn formation now its 4v4, im sure 1 team will/could have an advantage going for weapons at the start of each round based on who spawns where.


I forgot to touch one thing about the MVP reward, to be fair. The player who’s MVP without the solo bonus also gets the MVP reward. But still, it is pretty unreasonable that someone who practically plays worse than another player gets that same MVP bonus if they get more GP in total once they receive the solo bonus. It sort of takes away from the value of playing better than others in that match.

Either way, whether that fairness matters to a player or not, it makes the ranking system that much more unreliable when a player who doesn’t perform the best receives the MVP reward.

I can’t say I agree with the spawn thingy though. I haven’t ever noticed one team have a faster route to a power weapon or the objective than the other. The right hand advantage is the only spawn-related advantage I know of. But even that has been taken into consideration with the map design and can be played around. With how the camera functions in Gears, it’ll always be a factor though.


I have benefited from that a few times, it feels like a cheap mvp. I want to get it because i deserve it, not because i need a pat on the back for playing solo.

Although if i was put with a team of 3 sweating, communicating and leaving me behind while they clean up, I’m never going to get points. just end up being a decoy as bait or a lancer support character.

I suppose its just a grey area with a side where its meant to be good, a side thats meant to be avoided and a middle ground that gets a raw deal.

This ranked system has caused me more pain than my recovery from surgery

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Fighting to just end without losing too much points because the randoms I’m put with don’t understand basic concepts against stacks like mark them, don’t run in a straight line at someone who has shown they are competent with a longshot etc
Is tedious but the dwindling population is the major cause, a lot of people left because they don’t like the changes but games now have a year long life before everyone moves on and 5 had its run.

The matchmaking struggles to find genuinely even matches for a majority of the time so its just stomp or be stomped.

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how about removing MVP entirely. Ever since this thing was introduced it’s become a sore point for players who think they deserved it more.

Nah. I don’t like changes made just to appease people with poor attitude (they don’t deserve that). I prefer changes made based on logic.