Suggestion - Only give you elim credit if your damage made a difference

Lots of people want kills/assists and percent damage points brought back. A compromise would be that you only get an elim, if the damage you did made a difference in the kill.

For example, if you put 2 lancer bullets into someone for say 22% damage, then your teammate gnashers them for 60% + 60% damage, the lancer gets no credit, because the enemy wouldn’t have died any differently without the lancer bullets (it still took 2 gnasher shots to kill them).

But if you do 60% damage, and your teammate does 80% damage, both get credit for the kill, because the enemy died on the 80% shot because he was already injured 60%. Or if you do 22% damage with your 2 lancer bullets then your teammate does 80%, you get credit, but not if your teammate gibs them at 100%.

However, you could argue that lancering gets enemies flustered and makes them easier to kill not just because of the damage they’ve sustained.

This and some times those 2 bullets are the shots that put them down so they can’t get away. But I agree if you spray at somebody in a gnasher fight and get 2 hits and those 2 hits really didn’t help then you should get nothing.

Sure, more variables to take into consideration when they mess around with the Gnasher again.