Suggestion: More interesting actives

Okay what with them (TC) removing actives from the starting weapons come June 30th, and with Dana (it might have been Jamie, have difficulty remembering) saying they were looking into the actives for all weapons (which means they are considering removing them across the board) I thought it a convenient moment to bring up something that has bothered me since Gears 1.

Actives in Gears of War are kind of awful when you think about it, not the faster reload bar (everybody likes that) but I always thought it sorta stupid that players were given huge advantages for just hitting an active, so basically there’s no incentive to NOT active your weapon (Embar, Torque, Boomshot, etc.) because just by hitting it a perfect reload you are given free kills more or less.

My idea is that instead of the perfect active reload giving stat boosts it give more interesting effects, so a Boomshot would have a sort of incendiary effect on its explosion (making it a sorta area of denial weapon in the right hands), Longshot would be able to ricochet, Dropshot would become like a mine or something, you get the picture, as the title suggests more interesting actives.

What would be the point? Well first off, its fun :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously though it would increase skill gap even further, would make weapons seem a bit more fair (none of that nuke Boomshot crap) and would just be a really quirky expansion on what was set up since the beginning.

The main issue with this is that A) its complex/difficult to balance well, and B) Its a bit counterintuitive so you’d have to put it in the training grounds or something to explain it methinks.

I just wanted to know what everybody thinks about it, I honestly thought they would’ve tried something like this by now but I see that TC has other things on their plate at the moment.

Play borderlands, their guns are like that all the time👍
I had 1 gun that shot little spider brains that chased ppl n blew up😂

I doubt tc would be able to implement these sort of things, plus they have bigger problems to deal with.
Wait n see what problems arise from the new ranking system.:no_mouth:

Nice ideas tho.

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I have better Idea:
Bring back legacy active reloading system! No more reloading fully loaded gun.

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Interesting ideas, but I don’t agree.

@B1MB3R9124 beat me to it.

I want the original Active Reload system restored, where there was more of a risk factor involved. If you missed the active, you’d have to lose more ammo in order to be able to attempt it again. Not been given endless chances, it’s weak and makes no sense.

I also want the old active system back for the pure and simple reason that the PvE enemies don’t have to be balanced around potential permanent active reload availability(aka they sponge more than they would have to due to the players having the ability to get a damage boost from actives at almost any point in time).

But someone tell me, why they changed the system in the first place? Especially in the PvE modes?

As for the idea itself… not sure if I’m that big of a fan regardless of where it’d be implemented. And this definitely sounds strictly like it’s coming from a Versus perspective. Wouldn’t even have to look at the tag to get an idea.

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I was primarily commenting in regards to PvP but I agree with your point with PvE. Actives should always be a bonus with an advantage rather than a necessity if the enemy itself is designed around that active reload bonus, which is bizarre beyond measure.

I wouldn’t say the enemies were designed around the mechanic in particular but it definitely went into TCs… ahem… “balancing”. Take the Longshot as an extreme example of this. A few of the Drone type enemies(beyond Insane in Escape) and all the Elites on higher difficulties require you to hit an active reload to kill them in one headshot, assuming More Health is enabled, because the damage of an active Longshot headshot is over twice that of a regular headshot with the weapon. In a similar notion, if you want to kill bigger enemies such as Scions you pretty much have to active reload it unless you want to waste more ammo than is necessary on the enemy.

This is without any other external damage boost applied, mind you. Something I often have to deal with if I choose to play Lizzie who doesn’t get any. Although in general the multiplier numbers should still be valid.

Haha, their balancing Is spectacularly awful. It’d be easier to train an elephant to balance on a tightrope than to balance Gears 5 under TC’s guidance.

The Longshot is criminally underpowered, it can take up to 3 headshots to finally kill a Scion with the More Health modifier. I understand it’s part of the “challenge” but it’s not really ideal in Escape considering ammo is so scarce.

I highly doubt actives played too much of a role in TC’s balancing…

TC balances around a bunch of crazy abilities and such, so they essentially have an unbalance-able mode to contend with. Like they aren’t as worried about you hitting an active with a longshot as they are you using the Fahz cards (which are still pretty bad I might add)

Originally the trade off was losing bullets with this new Active system there was never a downside. That started the main issue to me.

What if active round were a pick up