Suggestion for the Soldier(Buffing)

The soldier no doubt is one of the weakest classes but can be very effective with the right build. Gears fans do you think if TC would drop the active reload boost and make the level 6 rifle damage card 120% instead of 100% that would help or keep the Active reload boost and the card stays active until that ammo has been fired or when you switch weapons you would lose the boost. Any ideas to make this class better?

They already made a few changes to the soldier, that rifle damage wasn’t always 100%. I rarely play soldier but when I do I go with grenade build and active reload bonus, the rifle is only good for juvies on inconceivable while hitting those actives with an embar can get you a lot of headhots, scions included.

The problem with further upgrading the rifle damage is that the soldier is already a power house on insane and below, if you make it 120% it would help on inconceivable but it would make it stupidly powerful on insane and below.

Its hard to reach a consensus, everyone has a different preference but one thing is certain: there won’t be any additional skill changes to horde, my source? watch the dev stream and post your question. Anything horde related is a low priority.

Man I guess I play soldier wrong then with a rifle build.

I think they are kinda worthless past waved 30 or so unless your have a turret to lay on.

I always carry a Lancer and Embar and use the grenade plant card so I can plant more than 2.

That’s not true. You gotta know how to play it.

Can you handle Retro Lancer? It’s beast with Called Shot…

Have you ever used grenade builds? Schocks can drop/badly hurt even bosses…

I def love playing as soldier one of my favorite classes, I did a post before asking about rifle vs grenadier vs Hybrid. For me I rather do rifle or Hybrid but seems like whe you do hybrid your always missing that one card. For example if I go rifle damage, capacity, active reload, grenade damage, resupply, works well but that bigger magazine is nice to have. That’s why I was suggesting the active reload be dropped and rifle be at a 120% or the magazine stays active until used to even out a bit.