Suggestion for the map builder


I didn’t know where to propose my idea, so I do it through the forum. As a very active player in Escape mode, I use the map editor a lot to let my imagination run wild.

While playing the new maps that come out every week, I was very happy to see new modifiers to create a challenge. Example: invisible enemies.

I would like to know if it would be possible to add the fact of being able to choose modifiers for your personal card via the card editor? Add a new tab where we could select the 7 modifiers we would like to implement on our map among all those available so far for public maps. The list would be updated as new modifiers are added. Obviously for them to be validated and for the map to be published, we would have to test the map ourselves beforehand with the modifiers enabled.

What do you think of that? Is that a good idea?
This would provide more opportunities and challenges for the community! :smiley:

(Sorry if my English is not very good and you see mistakes, I am French)

I think the main problem of map builder is the lack of tile variety. I’m tired of playing on same looking maps over and over.
Also, no Snatcher/Carrier/Matriarch and no drones with lancers.
And finally there’s not that many things you can do with the current map builder. I mean it’s lacking many functions that could help diversify the gameplay, like modifiers.
I hope with Operation 2 we might get something interesting.

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I totally agree, it is true that there is a lack of variety in enemies and environments. Playing over and over again in the same places becomes boring, the positive point is that we know every nook and cranny by heart, but it’s certain that something new at this level would be welcome. To do with operation 2, yes! :thinking:

I’d like to be able to flip/mirror tiles rather than just rotate,

Swarm pods and tendrils need to be a skin of sorts that can be applied to any tile rather than simply variants of the same tile.

I think we should be able to set the elevation of tiles, within reasonable limits of course.

it just seems to me that going forward the tile list is going to get real cluttered with all these “rising right bend a” “rising left bend a” “swarm bend a” ect tiles.
All those damn corner pieces and I still can’t find the one that bloody fits :weary:

Oh and deathtraps, I like the idea of a few tiles that can cave in, or some rickety old bridge that will break and kill you if you don’t get over quick, maybe a firey pit trap or giant bucket of molten metal that can be used to incinerate the swarm. Let’s see the swarm (and probably more than a few hive busters) die in some new, interesting and occasionally hilarious ways.

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