Suggestion for the Gears packs

First off, I would like to commend TC for listening to the fans and doing the right thing. They could have remained stubborn but instead they listened and pleased the fans. Everyone wins in the end.

That being said, it’s still not perfect. While having options are great, RNG still ultimately sucks and could cause people to miss out on what they want.

What do you guys think of TC offering packs for much higher credits, say 15-20K per pack (or even higher), but zero RNG, vs a very low amount like the current 400, but with RNG. If they did this, then everyone would be happy IMO.

So here’s the break down:

  • Low credit packs for 400 with RNG
  • High credit packs for 15-20K (or higher, just an estimate) with zero RNG
  • Monetary purchase with zero RNG

I think this system could work and would cover all areas of complaints/issues.

What do you all think?

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i’m waiting to see what becomes of this new system, before i start stating opinions on one thing or another. however i am happy with the direction they have taken.

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i understat that the RNG credit option was a last min. effort because of the community having voiced it’s concerns. but the reality of things is TC will always try to make a profit. the more features that allow us to purchase through online credits the less money they’ll make, which i think would lead to less character design and maybe an introduction of a worst system. just my opinion…

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Personally I would never pay more than 10k for a single pack.

Sou ds like a good idea but i feel the credit option for RNG should be higher (especially if Horde is able to be completed within 1 hr or a bit) or at least porpotionate to the monetary value.

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So you’d rather deal with RNG or pay money? I don’t see why it can’t at least be an option.